“Cooking For A Living”

Modern day mummies tend to be people that can do everything. From nursing, to teaching and cooking, a mother teaches their child everything. Personally, the pastime that I enjoy the most when the kids are at school, or down for a nap, is cooking. In fact, before I knew it, I found myself sharing my recipes and techniques online and quickly developing a group of friends and fans. Through my growing cooking blog, I’m able to connect with culinary fans like me, and even profit from it! To cook for a living doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a… View Post

Grow your own

Rising cost of health: the grow your own solution Have you ever thought of growing your own veg? My mum and Dad have always been into growing veg and I always remember as a child helping my dad set the seeds, and then picking the veg once it was ready. Since having my own family I have always wanted to do this and 2 years ago we got an allotment so we could. The kids absolutely love going and setting seeds, digging and watering the plants and veg we are growing there., we even have a few fruit trees. So… View Post

Quiet or noise, what do you prefer when getting to sleep?

Are you getting a good night sleep? Since having my first child almost 6 years ago, sleep is something that I don’t get too much of. Before having Kids I would sleep for 10 ish hours of a night, now I am lucky to get 6. I am someone who loves my sleep and am definitely not an early riser. Bubs has us up around 0700 most morning and Little Man sleeps in a lot longer at the weekends, most weekends it is 10am before we see him. Over the last 6 years my body has changed and I am not sure… View Post

My Fishpools living room wishlist

This year we are either looking to move or stay where we are and update the whole house. We haven’t quite decided yet which of the 2 we are going to be doing. Which ever option we go for will include a living room make over. I have decided to share a living room wish list from Fishpools with you which could even inspire you. The living room is the heart of our home so getting everything just right is essential. It needs to be child friendly whilst not looking like a play room. Storage is very important for us in… View Post

Aldi grocery store Haul and this weeks meal plan

We have got back into meal planning again as it saves us so much money. Over the last 4 months we have stopped meal planning as we have been so busy. Not only do I end up putting weight on we also spend far to much money. So this week sees us get back into planning during the week, it sees my weight loss back on track and my bank balance looking more healthy. Below is our meal plan and video of our Aldi grocery store haul. MONDAY Terryaki chicken noodle stir fry TUESDAY Steak sandwich with salad and wedges… View Post

Win a 12 month family membership to National Trust

Last year we decided to buy a family membership to National Trust. We love being outside and the kids love running around in the fresh air so we knew this would be perfect for us. Since taking the membership we have used it so many times and have really enjoyed it. We have an amazing place near where we live called Belton House and it has THE BEST outside play area for the kids. Over the last few years National trust have spent a lot of money making their locations a lot more child friendly. So if you love being… View Post

Lakeside Kitchen and Bar at Ferry Meadows Country park

Lakeside Kitchen & Bar is a modern restaurant based in the beautiful country park of Ferry Meadows. The family friendly venue is a fantastic place to eat in Peterborough, featuring a full menu of delicious food and drink. And if you fancy working up an appetite beforehand, there is plenty to see and do in the surrounding country park. The Peterborough restaurant focusses on popular favourites when it comes to its food. Tasty items on the menu include the Lakeside burger, fish and chips, sandwiches and hot wraps. You even have the option of a full English breakfast if you… View Post

Barchester respite care and short breaks

From time to time everyone needs a break and Barchester respite care offers just that. If you are caring for someone or even just looking after yourself everyone deserves some time off and a well deserved break. It can be really hard to get a break if you are caring for an elderly relative, whilst you may want some time off it really can be like having a full time job just with no holiday allowance. Barchester can offer respite care for your loved one. You get a break from caring and your loved one gets a break away in… View Post

My favourites from Converse

Everyone must have heard of the Converse name right? I have been in love with Converse for such a long time and I remember way back now getting my first pair of converse shoes. They were a pair of blue canvas shoes and I loved them so much, I wore them until they fell apart. They could be worn with pretty much anything, I have dressed them up and dressed them down. Converse isn’t all about the shoes though… they do mens, woman and kids clothing from Hats to tee-shirts to coats, shorts and everything in between. Converse is one… View Post

Party bags and supplies review

Arranging a party can be pretty stressful and a lot of hard work. At party bags and supplies every thing is all in one place and the party bags for the kids party even came filled and ready to go. We chose to review the Toy Story party collection and we received… Table Cloth Plates x8 Cups x8 Filled party bags x8 Napkins x1 pack Both of my kids love Toy Story so I knew this would be perfect for them, I also knew they would want to use the plates and cups as soon as they saw them. Little Man… View Post