Moving home and my new living room wish list

We still haven’t moved yet, the chain broke down so we are currently waiting on the chain to complete again and it is so frustrating. This doesn’t stop me from shopping around for new items and ideas for our new living room. I have some ideas of how I want it to look and can’t wait to actually get moved in and buy the items I love. Whilst looking around online I found a website called Cox and Cox and they have the most beautiful items. I have decided to do a wishlist of the items I am in love… View Post

Top Tips for Setting Up Your Own Lifestyle Business

Top Tips for Setting Up Your Own Lifestyle Business Got a talent for making something? Be it cakes, or arts and crafts there’s someone out there who wants to buy it and a great opportunity for money to be made by establishing your own lifestyle business. Showcasing your creative talents online on sites like eBay is a great way to make some money and do what you love more often. So, sounds great doesn’t it? Here’s how you can get started: 1) Find a Niche First things first you need to be sure people out there actually want to buy what it is you’re selling… View Post

Does your star sign dictate how organised you mean

Are you a organised,messy or just an organised messy type of person? Which ever one of these you are it could be your star sign which is dictating. I am right on the boarder line of a Taurus and  Gemini having my birthday on 21st May. Some places say Taurus and some say Gemini but I class myself as a Taurus. I drive Doug mad with my cleaning and tidying and organisation. I can’t sit and relax if something isn’t in its place and everything has a place. This is also the same at work with with my office desk.… View Post

Growing our own veg with the kids

A couple of years ago we took the plunge and decided to rent an allotment in our local area. When I lived at home with my parents we had the biggest garden and had ample room to grow our own veg at home. I used to help my Dad set the seeds and plants and loved to watch them grow. Once they were ready it was fantastic to go an pick them our selves and cook what we had grown. My kids absolutely love veg and fruit and so I thought it would be a great idea to do this… View Post

Good and bad sides of giving birth

People say that time flies and it really does. Just over 6 years ago we had our first little boy.. where has the time gone? Little Man and myself didn’t have the easier journey with getting him into the world but we got there and here we are now 6 years on, and almost finishing his 2nd year at school. When I was pregnant with Little Man I had quite a few issues with excessive fluid being the one they kept their eye on the most and because of this I was induced at 39 weeks. After being induced my… View Post

Why metal roofing could be the right fit for your property

Why metal roofing could be the right fit for your property… Perhaps you’re creating an extension to give your family more space, or maybe you’re designing a new home from scratch. In either scenario, you need to put plenty of thought into the roofing material you choose for your property. Here, we take a look at a few of the reasons why metal might be the right fit. Attractive and versatile You no doubt want your finished roof to look the part, and when done well, metal roofing has the potential to really wow. There are various different types of metal to choose from and… View Post

Uncommon Goods wishlist

Are you looking to purchase amazing products which are all made in harmony with the world and without any harm to animals? Uncommon goods may be the place for you to shop. The company which was founded in 1999 features unique jewellery, table top items, hand crafted items and much more. Seasonal workers working for the company start at 50% above the minimum wage which is just  amazing. Usually seasonal workers will be overworked and under paid so starting at 50% above the minimum wage is just fantastic and shows how much the company cares for the people it employes.… View Post

Pile up Penguin review

Both of my kids love playing games and its such a great activity to do together as a family. We have been reviewing Penguin pile up and it is actually quite a skilful game. This game is absolutely fantastic for fine motor skills and concentration. To get those little Penguins to stay on the iceberg can be really quite tricky. The game is for 1-6 players from ages 5 and up and requires no batteries. Whats in the box… Penguins (which you have to put together yourself on first play) blue base iceberg instruction booklet To play the game you… View Post

5 Tips for Moving to a Different Country

So, you’ve decided that you’d like to move to a different country to experience a different way of life. Living abroad is rewarding and exciting, but it also comes with its challenges. Ironically, one of the biggest incentives for leaving can often be the barrier for settling in- a different culture. But, don’t worry, there are plenty of people who have gone before you and here are some of the best tips from tried and tested travellers. Employability The majority of people that move to a different country do it on a whim. It’s not often because the company they… View Post

My Youtube channel

So today I thought I would let you all know about my Youtube channel. I have been putting videos on my Youtube channel for a while but it hasn’t been a regular thing. So I want to share my Youtube channel with you all. It is called Blogging Mummy for obvious reasons! I am not committing at the moment to uploading on certain days at certain times, however I am going to see how it goes and maybe commit in the future. On the channel I will be uploading a bit of everything such as, clothes hauls, holidays videos, reviews,… View Post