Bob the Turtle and other MAM Products

In the past I have worked with MAM on so many occasions and have always been really impressed with their products. We have recently had the opportunity to review some lovely products from MAM again. As parents we all know how important it is to keep our little ones teeth nice and clean, so the learn to brush set and first brush is fantastic. The learn to brush set is a 2 step process to help your little one brush their teeth correctly. Step 1 is the brush with an extra long handle this enable parents and the baby/toddler to… View Post

We finally have a new home

We have finally move home…. YAY, finally! After selling our house back in April and lots and lots of issues along the way we have finally moved into our new home. Its been a dream for so long and it was a dream I wasn’t sure would come true but finally it has. We moved home on Thursday 12th October 2017 and what a day it was. The kids were at school and nursery which was great because we could just get on with everything and didn’t have to worry about the kids and what they were doing. I did… View Post

Plans for our new home with Velux Blinds Direct

A lot of you who follow my blog will know we have literally just moved home. It has been such an exciting yet stressful time, I can now however see light at the end of the tunnel. We have already started talking about making the house our own and what we can do to make it feel like we have put our stamp on it. We are getting the kids rooms decorated within the next couple of weeks, I feel it is the most important to concentrate on getting them settled. We have a lot of short-term cheaper plans decorating,… View Post

Find me a gift

With Christmas just around the corner I am pretty sure a lot of you will have already started Christmas shopping. I Christmas shop all year round picking up little bits that I see along the way. Each year I find it harder and harder to know what to buy the kids, they have so many games and toys so this year I have looked for some different ideas away from toys and games. Find me a Gift have some fantastic items and I could sit and look through all the products all day. There are some really different but cool… View Post

Orchard Toys Animal Shapes

Orchard Toys is our absolute favourite, as far as Educational games go Orchard Toys are way ahead. The quality of the product is amazing and the games are just fantastic both of my kids absolutely love them. Another thing we love about the games is that most of them can be played a couple of different way which is great and such good value for money. Animal shapes is an early learning shapes and colours game for ages 18 months + and for 1 or more players. The child has to try to match each shape to the friendly animal… View Post

Is Your Kitchen Delivering The Goods

For many people, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is where you prepare meals for the family, and it often acts as something of a communal area for people to get together as well. Clearly, you want the kitchen to be as close to perfect as possible, given what a central role it plays in the family life day to day. But it is possible that your kitchen is not quite up to scratch. This can easily happen over time, with one thing or another, and it is worth looking into every now… View Post

Road trip with Children

Have you ever thought of taking a road trip? I think the idea of a road trip is amazing, you get to see and visit so many places rather than staying in one place for a couple of weeks. I have been looking at road trips that would suit us as a family of 4 with two young children. A road trip doesn’t have to be about travelling to lots of different countries such as a road trip around Europe, you can have a Road trip around France, America and just one country that you love. I think travelling around… View Post

Safety checks before a long car journey

With October 2017 half term fast approaching I am sure there are going to be lots of people going on long journey to visit family, friends or just for a get away. Before you jump in your car there are some safety checks which really should be carried out especially if you a planning a long journey. With the colder weather back with us and possible icy roads soon safety is the most important thing when jumping in your car. Washer fluid… Washer fluid is so important, if there is spray on the roads from the wet weather you may… View Post

Keeping our memories safe in a Photobook

We have just recently arrived back home after having a lovely holiday in Greece. As a blogger I always take way too many photos and end up having to sit for hours sorting through them when we get home. I love taking pictures to remember every part of our holiday and with the kids growing up so fast those photo memories are always so special. I love nothing more than looking through old pictures of the boys and us as a family to see how we have grown and changed. I was given the chance to review a photo book… View Post

Are you Autumn ready?

It’s that time of year, the time where you have to pack away all the summer clothes and get out the warm cosy Autumn/winter stuff. It does make me sad having to pack away the dresses, shorts and tee shirts however I do love a big oversized jumper to keep me lovely and warm. I have put together a few of my favourite items from Lyst which is a fab website bringing together many different brands. I just love the fact that you can browse so many items all in one place rather than chopping and changing to different websites. Maybe… View Post