Baby Born Interactive Doll review

Who said boys can’t play with dolls? When Little Man was around 3 he was desperate for a doll to play with and I let him have one of the dolls I had as a young girl. He loved her and used to dress her up and feed her but now 3 years later all he is interested in Playstation, boxing and board games. When I had the chance to review the Baby Born interactive doll, I wasn’t to sure if Bubs would like it or not. I thought he might but not as much as he actually did. He… View Post

7 ways you can entertain your children this summer

Want some ideas on how to keep your children entertained this summer? Then read on to discover my top tips for entertaining your offspring this holiday.  1) A good read Whether you are going away or staying at home, rediscover your local library this summer and find some holiday reading among its shelves. Nothing beats the delights of a good read, from exploring a far-flung region to stepping back in time – the world is your oyster in the covers of a book. Also, check out your library’s calendar of special events for the holiday season. In addition, if you are… View Post

My Summer outfit wishlist

Yes finally summer is just around the corner so what better idea than to put together a couple of summer outfits. We had one really hot day just a few weeks back and this really got me in the summer mood. Since then its been cold but fear not we are not far away now from the summer months and hopefully the hot summer wether. This first outfit is a Summer beach day outfit, I just love the bright colours on the top and think it goes perfects with the cool white shorts. I absolutely love anything wth colour in… View Post

KidloLand review: The app for kids

Both of my children have access to Ipads and I am not ashamed to admit they use them quite a lot. Sometimes they use them to go on Youtube but most of the time they play on apps which are educational for them. There is quite a bit controversy around children using Ipads and tablets however if they are using them and learning at the same time I see no problem myself. I am not a perfect parent and I simply don’t have time to sit learning with both kids all the time. Don’t get me wrong we sit down… View Post

Happy Birthday Little Man

Happy birthday to our wonderful little lad. How has 6 years passed since you came into this big world. Over the last 6 years you have grown into a wonderful and amazing little boy, and each day you amaze us with what you have learnt in those years. You are now in Year 1 at school and I just can’t believe it, only seems like yesterday you were laying in my arms and I was giving you a bottle. You really are the most amazing little boy and we are all so proud of who you have become. Carry on… View Post

4 First Home Improvement Projects In Your New Home

As many of you know by now we are going to be moving into a new home and it is the beginning of an exciting adventure, even though it means packing all our belongings and them trying to unpack them in the new house. More important, a new home can feel impersonal at first, even though we will be surrounded by things that we own and love. Unfortunately, most new homeowners don’t have the budget to start home improvement projects that will help them to feel more at home. While other projects, such as necessary renovations, would have been discussed at… View Post

My baby essentials

When having your first baby it can be overwhelming with what you need to buy. You can end up buying everything and then realise in fact you don’t need half the stuff you have bought. I have put together a little montage of products that we had and used so much, and the essentials like a buggy.   Tiny love gymini playmat £39.99 Phil and Teds portable high chair £64.99 ABC Design Avito Pushchair £240 Tiny love first book £9.99 baby Einstein bendy ball £6.99 Chicco next t2 me crib £189.00 Babymoov simply care baby monitor £39.00 xBeatrix Potter activity… View Post

We are moving home

We are at the start of our moving journey and I have decided to document it on the blog and on my Youtube channel. It is a very bitter sweet move, we really don’t want to move BUT we really need extra space. The house we are currently in is a 3 bedroom detached house so although it is a decent size we need more space. Anyone with kids will understand that kids toys just take over the whole place. This is our lovely home currently… We are moving out of our 3 bed detached house into a 4 bed… View Post

Keeping Kids active at home and school

Keeping kids active at home and school these days is a big thing. Staying fit, active and eating healthy is something which is drummed into us all the time. As a family getting out and about and staying active is something we are very good at, luckily the kids love being out in the fresh air. Being out and about doesn’t always mean spending lots of money on days out. A few facts… Did you know that 1 in 3 children between the age of 2 and 10 are over weight and over 1000 children being referred to hospital due… View Post

Potty training tips

Its that time again where we are looking at potty training. Its kind of a dreaded time but it is fantastic once you child is potty trained. Not only does it save a fortune because your not having to buy nappies it is just all round a better situation than being in nappies. It can be a hard and testing time but you must preserver and if you start try to carry on with it. so I thought I would put together a few tips to help you and your little precious out! Make sure you child is ready and… View Post