Keeping Kids active at home and school

Keeping kids active at home and school these days is a big thing. Staying fit, active and eating healthy is something which is drummed into us all the time. As a family getting out and about and staying active is something we are very good at, luckily the kids love being out in the fresh air. Being out and about doesn’t always mean spending lots of money on days out. A few facts… Did you know that 1 in 3 children between the age of 2 and 10 are over weight and over 1000 children being referred to hospital due… View Post

Potty training tips

Its that time again where we are looking at potty training. Its kind of a dreaded time but it is fantastic once you child is potty trained. Not only does it save a fortune because your not having to buy nappies it is just all round a better situation than being in nappies. It can be a hard and testing time but you must preserver and if you start try to carry on with it. so I thought I would put together a few tips to help you and your little precious out! Make sure you child is ready and… View Post

Save money without stopping shopping

Do you always wish you could save money without stopping shopping? Do you ever think you wish you could just shop until your heart is content but save money at the same time? Well the answer is simply you can. It may take a little bit of work before you start shopping but what you my friends need to do is look for vouchers. Vouchers can save you some much money and at the moment voucher shopping is a massive ‘thing’ So as I said it may take some time to look around for the vouchers but it really is… View Post

Happy Easter

Hey, Just wanted to say a quick Happy Easter to you all. Hope you are having a lovely long weekend what ever you are doing. Remember eat way to much chocolate and eat far to much food. Oh yeah and chocolate for breakfast is just fine… isn’t it??

He is our child not yours

Had to just remind myself that Little man is our child AND NOT the school/governments. I have to say I am so very disappointed at the Supreme Court ruling on term time holidays. I was watching the news on the day I knew this was going to the Supreme court and as soon as I found out the ruling had been made not in the favour of us parents I was utterly disappointed. I currently have one child in school and one in nursery so for this post I am just going to focus on Little Man who is in… View Post

Hotter Tara shoes review

As you all know I love some of the Hotter styles and I have a new favourite in my collection now. They are the Leopard print Tara shoes which I adore. With the ‘Vans’ style of shoe they are perfect for the summer time and are extremely lightweight. I love the style and I love the comfort they provide you with. I know they are not to everyones taste but they come in 3 other styles which are also lovely. Coming in sizes 3 to 9 with half sizes as well you will almost be guaranteed to get a size… View Post

Villa holiday’s and my top destinations

My first Villa holiday was in 2005 when we went to Florida. We have a massive villa, with its own private pool in a small gated community. To say it was amazing was an understatement! My second Villa holiday was our second time to Florida and again it had its own private pool and was absolutely amazing. Ever since these 2 villa holidays I have always wanted to go and do more holidays like this. Villas really appeal to me especially ones that have their own private pools, they are just fantastic if you have children. I find that you… View Post

Startrite school shoes review

When buying shoes for both of the children I always go for the big well known names such as Start rite. When buying Start Rite shoes I know that we are going to get hard wearing, comfy and long lasting shoes. Since Little Man started school I have come to realise that I must buy good quality shoes, they get so much hammer every day that paying that bit extra really makes all the difference. When we had the opportunity to work with Start rite I was over the moon as Little Man was in desperate need of some new… View Post

7 Very different ice cream flavours

7 amazing ice cream recipes that you didn’t know about Ice cream is one of the world’s favourite sweet treats. In fact, in the United Kingdom alone, the market is valued at over £391 million per year with annual growth of 5%. With ‘boutique’ ice cream and gelato shops opening up and down the country, now’s the chance to create some unique flavours. Whichever recipe you make, be sure to have the necessary storage to keep your new product secure. If you’re planning on selling your ice creams, invest in an ice cream freezer. So why not try one of these 7… View Post

The Dolmio #thankgodness project

A few weeks ago now BritMums contacted me about their Dolmio #thankgoodnes project. It was to cook a spaghetti Bolognese and share with you guys how we cook it/eat it. We love spaghetti Bolognese in this house and it is a real family meal. Always reminds me of the family all sitting down together to enjoy a really nice hearty meal together. Tesco delivered us lots of lovely food in order to cook the Bolognese plus more and we had to make a mid-week meal. We have never actually used the Dolmio sauce as we always make our own, so… View Post