5 Tips for Moving to a Different Country

So, you’ve decided that you’d like to move to a different country to experience a different way of life. Living abroad is rewarding and exciting, but it also comes with its challenges. Ironically, one of the biggest incentives for leaving can often be the barrier for settling in- a different culture. But, don’t worry, there are plenty of people who have gone before you and here are some of the best tips from tried and tested travellers. Employability The majority of people that move to a different country do it on a whim. It’s not often because the company they… View Post

My Youtube channel

So today I thought I would let you all know about my Youtube channel. I have been putting videos on my Youtube channel for a while but it hasn’t been a regular thing. So I want to share my Youtube channel with you all. It is called Blogging Mummy for obvious reasons! I am not committing at the moment to uploading on certain days at certain times, however I am going to see how it goes and maybe commit in the future. On the channel I will be uploading a bit of everything such as, clothes hauls, holidays videos, reviews,… View Post

Family day at Newmarket Horse Racing

Coming from a family who loves horse racing I was super excited to attend the first race of the Summer Saturday season at Newmarket this weekend (10th June) The weather couldn’t have been any better its was a scorching hot day and we had a fantastic time. We had tickets for the family enclosure which was upgraded so we were able to walk through to the parade ring. I would highly suggest if you are going with a family that it is so worth while upgrading to be able to walk through to the parade ring. The kids absolutely loved… View Post

Flight Simulator Experience

Ok so it may not have been a real plane but Doug did fly a flight simulator from Salzburg to Innsbruck and it was pretty god damn real. It actually felt VERY real, a lot more than I thought it would do. First off just before you start reading thinking this is a review IT ISNT. I have not been paid to write this nor were we given a free day out. I have chosen to write about this day because we had such a fantastic time. For Christmas I bought Doug a 90 minute flight simulator voucher. He has… View Post

Could The Home Of The Brave Also Be Your Home?

A lot of people have eyes only for the US. It’s easy to see why. It’s a land of wealth and opportunity and one of few real superpowers in the world. If you want to live there, it requires a little more than upping sticks and getting on a plane. There are a lot of steps and a lot of boxes you have to tick before you can settle down.   Are you eligible? This is the crux of it all. It doesn’t matter how much you would like to move over if you’re not eligible. Depending on where you’re… View Post

What Is The Right Age For Kids To Have Mobile Phones?

This is the hot topic in playgrounds and internet chat forums up and down the country. When should you let your child have their very own mobile phone? It seems like only yesterday that your kids were playing happily in the garden without a care in the world. Yet, now they want to go out alone and communicate with their friends without you being involved! How are you going to pay for the phone? Before you can even think about getting a phone for your child you need to sort out how you are going to pay for it. This… View Post

Illness and Injury Can Be a Financial Nightmare: Working From Home Could Be The Solution

Being struck down in the prime of your life is a situation no one wants to find themselves in. Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with an illness, mental health condition or have sustained a serious injury. Along with trying to get well and live with the changes this brings, chances are you have a lot of other concerns too. For many, this can be things like how they will look after their children and how they will cope after leaving their job. On top of everything else, money worries are the last thing you need. You might need to pay for… View Post

Update on moving home…

If you are not aware we are in the process of moving home, you can read part one here. I just thought I would do an update to document where we are currently at. Things have not been plain sailing so far so we are hoping things will be a bit better from now on. So our chain finally completed about 8 weeks after we sold our house. The top of our chain is a really old lady who just didn’t seem to understand that so many people under her were waiting on her to get a property. It all… View Post

Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer With Stylish, Affordable Updates

Summer is well and truly here, and if the beautiful weather we’ve had so far is anything to go by, there’s a great summer ahead. Transforming your garden into somewhere chic and stylish for summer can be difficult on a budget, but it’s far from impossible. Take a look at the following tips to help you get your garden ready for an amazing summer. Give it a good clean Sometimes, the appearance of a garden can be transformed drastically with a bit of a clean and a some tidying up. If your patio or decking is looking a bit tired,… View Post

iHealth Wave Activity and Swim Tracker

The waterproof iHealth Wave Activity and Swim Tracker looks great, its the I Health Wave. I have kindly been sent the iHealth wave tracker to try out and review for you guys. Lets start with what it does… The iHealth Wave recognises swim strokes and tracks % of each stroke done (how cool is that) it tracks steps, distance and calories, tracks sleep patters and has a time and vibrating alarm function. Not only does it look really cool, it is cool. The modern tracker comes with on strap which fits all and another spare, I was particularly impressed that… View Post