Startrite school shoes review

When buying shoes for both of the children I always go for the big well known names such as Start rite. When buying Start Rite shoes I know that we are going to get hard wearing, comfy and long lasting shoes. Since Little Man started school I have come to realise that I must buy good quality shoes, they get so much hammer every day that paying that bit extra really makes all the difference. When we had the opportunity to work with Start rite I was over the moon as Little Man was in desperate need of some new… View Post

7 Very different ice cream flavours

7 amazing ice cream recipes that you didn’t know about Ice cream is one of the world’s favourite sweet treats. In fact, in the United Kingdom alone, the market is valued at over £391 million per year with annual growth of 5%. With ‘boutique’ ice cream and gelato shops opening up and down the country, now’s the chance to create some unique flavours. Whichever recipe you make, be sure to have the necessary storage to keep your new product secure. If you’re planning on selling your ice creams, invest in an ice cream freezer. So why not try one of these 7… View Post

The Dolmio #thankgodness project

A few weeks ago now BritMums contacted me about their Dolmio #thankgoodnes project. It was to cook a spaghetti Bolognese and share with you guys how we cook it/eat it. We love spaghetti Bolognese in this house and it is a real family meal. Always reminds me of the family all sitting down together to enjoy a really nice hearty meal together. Tesco delivered us lots of lovely food in order to cook the Bolognese plus more and we had to make a mid-week meal. We have never actually used the Dolmio sauce as we always make our own, so… View Post

Vileda SuperMocio XL 3 Review

With a big kitchen floor that is fully tiled it just means I have to mop it 2-3 times a week. It can be particularly difficult to get high traffic areas clean with your standard mop head. Today I am  bringing you the Vileda SuperMocio XL 3 Review. The mop head has 3 different parts to it… there is the red dots, red non scratch scourer and the blue micro fibre strips. The red 3D dots are for extra hair and particle pick up, the red scourer is for stubborn dirt on the floor which with kids is great and the… View Post

Peterborough Truckfest 2017

Peterborough Truckfest 2017 is returning to the East of England Showground in Peterborough on the 30th April & the 1st of May. It holds many memories for me, as a child we used to go every year and I remember that it was so much fun. I met lots of famous people there including Wolf from Gladiators, Claire Goose from Casualty, Grant Mitchell from Eastenders and Darius. I remember the excitement of waiting for them to arrive and queuing up to get their autograph. The monster trucks crushing old cars, the fire truck blowing cars over with its massive flame was… View Post

Doing It For The Kids

Our role as parents is usually one where we make sacrifices for our children. It is part of the job and most of us don’t see it as a chore. Even if you are looking at your wardrobe thinking you haven’t bought yourself any new clothes in years, you still go out and come home with a cool jacket, just because you know your son or daughter will love it. There are lots of ways we put ourselves out for our children and the chances are these small things won’t be appreciated until the kids are a little older. So,… View Post

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day to all the Mums out there but a very special happy mothers day to the most wonderful Mum in the world… My Mum! Mum your just amazing and we all love you so much. Your simply the best Mum and Grandma we could wish for You always put us first and give up your time to help us out Your always there to come to the rescue Your non stop most of the time so make sure today you relax. I hope you know just how amazing you are ! Lots of Love xxxx    

Get to know me better- 29 questions

I have decided to answers the following 29 questions so you can get to know me a little bit better. These questions are nothing serious and are just light hearted. Kerry from Lived with Love has also done the same so if you are interested in her answers as well pop over and have a look. 1. Who are you named after?  No one, My dad named me, if my Mum had named me I would have been Charlotte   2. Last time you cried?  Oh I can’t remember now, its been a long time.   3. Do you like… View Post

Tips for being more money savvy

Over the years I have become a lot more money savvy. I used to spend money like it was going out of fashion and to be honest looking back this is a really silly thing to do. I am now almost 30 though and spend money very wisely. If you are looking for tips for being more money savvy then have a look below and see if there is anything which can help you. Open a savings account – make sure you open a separate account so you can save money in a saving account. If you keep your saving separately… View Post

Top tips for keeping your car well maintained

Do you drive our car around every day without even giving a though about checking the oil or the water level. If you are like me then the answer to that question is a yes. You should however be checking lots of different things on and around you car regular to make sure it is kept in a good order and legal to drive. So here I have put together my top 10 tips for making sure your car isn’t going to break down on you. CHECK YOUR OIL – Once a month or so you should check your oil… View Post