Working from home and being a parent

Are you a parent who works from home? Do you struggle juggling working and looking after the kids, I am lucky that my eldest is now in school and the other goes to nursery 2 days a week. This really gives me a massive break that I need to do anything on the blog or on our Youtube channel. It can be so hard to get the right balance between working from home and looking after the children. I found it a real struggle to start with but with nursery and school I have found it so much easier to work when the kids are not here giving me more time to spend with them when they are here. I always try not to work to late and give the kids the attention they need.

Working from home is also so beneficial for us as a family. I am able to attend any school plays, nursery play dates and any appointments I need to go to without having to ask my ‘boss’ because I am my own boss. ¬†Working for a company was stressful especially when I had to miss out of school and nursery things because I couldn’t get time off work. I will never forget I missed my eldest first sports day because I couldn’t get time off work. My friend ring me saying he was crying because I wasn’t there and it broke my heart. From that moment on I promised myself I would never miss anything like that again for either of my boys. Working from home¬†means I have non of this to worry about and that is what makes it all worth while for me.

I can have time off for Christmas plays and I can go out with kids on snow days

Another issue I met when starting to work from home was getting the right office space. We have a 4 bedroom house so we are lucky enough for the boy’s to both have their own rooms plus a spare room for the office. I feel it is very important to have that space so you are able to go to the office and concentrate in a quiet tranquil space with no distractions. I find having calming quotes on the wall, soft colours and a beautiful oak computer desk is going to work well for us


One of the quotes I am hanging on the wall in our office is …

(I have done a lot of online shopping and just can’t wait to get the office together) When I am not using the office space, Doug will be using it to work from home so it also needs to be a nice place for him to be. Having recently moved home it means that we are still trying to get the office space exactly how we want it. The kid’s bedroom’s had to come first when moving so the office space has had to wait a little while, with the bedrooms all finished the office space is next. make sure to check out our Youtube channel for an office tour coming up shortly.

Have you managed to get the perfect office space for you? What do you find makes it the ‘perfect’ office space for you?

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