Wobbly Worm Review

We have recently been playing a new game from Spinster called Wobbly Worm and it really is a great game which the kids love.

In our house we love any games that can be played together as a family, away from the TV and iPads. Whilst the kids are allowed to watch TV and play with iPads it is nice to have some really good family games which you can all play together away from the screens.

Wobbly worm is for 2-3 players age 3+ however it can easily be played by yourself or as a bigger group. The aim of the game is the throw the hoops over the worms head, whoever gets all their hoops over the worm first is the winner… SIMLPE? or so you think. Not so easy when the worm is wobbling about .

There are 9 hoops in total which comes in different colours and sizes to make it easier and harder to hoop them over the wobbly worm. You can make the wobbly worm so he is short and then build him up so he is taller to make the game harder.

What I really like about the game is that it can be played in many different ways on your own or as a group. It is really easy to set up and takes seconds to set up which is always a bonus with me. I can’t stand it when games take ages to set up because by the time it is set up the kids want to play something else.

The game requires 2x C size r14 batteries which are the big ones. Only issue I had was that to put the batteries in you need a really thin screwdriver because the screws are sat down a deep hole. I had no screwdriver thin enough to fit and had to borrow one from my neighbour.

Both of my kids aged 2 and 6 absolutely loved the game and they loved playing together. I would 100% recommend this game.

Wobbly worm from spinster is available from Amazon priced at £19.99


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