Where have I been?

Its been a while since I last wrote a personal post about our little family and I thought it was about time I updated you all on what’s been going on.

We had the move in October last year, we have been in our new house a year on the 16th October 2018. After we moved home there were a lot of problems which have taken a while and lots of time to resolve, we are finally getting there with those now though. We have had a lot of decorating to do as the whole of upstairs was pink and purple, love the colours just not when it’s in every single room upstairs!

I am planning on doing a post on the new bedrooms now they are finally finished and on the cinema room. I will also be doing a video on my Youtube channel so be sure to watch our for that if you would rather watch a video. That will be going live VERY soon.

Time then seemed to just flash past and here we have been living in our new house for almost a year but feels like only 5 minutes.¬†After everything with the house had been sorted out, I found out I was being made redundant at work. I had been at the same work place for 12 years but it was time for a change and a very welcomed redundancy, in fact I couldn’t wait to get out of the place.

Bubs has turned 4

Little man has turned 7

We have booked a holiday for June next year

We visited North Wales this year for a little break away in August this year. We visited Zip World and had the most amazing time. This forest coaster we went on was just something else!!!

We have ripped apart our garden and not yet finished it.

Little Man got a tattoo (obviously before you shoot me down it’s a spray on one from holiday)

My Mum has also been having a few health worries which I am not going to go into on here right now as we are still awaiting test results and as yet don’t know what is fully going on.

Then Little Man finally moved school, oh my what a decision that was. This was something which has laid heavy with me since before we moved home. I knew he was going to have move school at some point but it really upset me to know I was taking him away from his friends. Anyway he started his new school on Monday 1st October and what a surprise it has been. I thought we would have tears and upset but we had non of that just excitement. He was nervous on the Monday morning but he came out very happy, had made new friends, couldn’t wait to tell me they go swimming each week and the fact they learn French at his new school. His new friends all speak to him after school and it is just like seeing him with his old friends, he has been accepted into new friendship groups and I couldn’t be happier with how he is getting on. We all love walking to school again in the mornings rather than a 40 minute drive in the car. Little man goes on his bike, Bubs goes on his scooter and it is just lovely to get some fresh air before school.

Last day at his old school…


First day at his new school…

All in all our last 12 months has been pretty hectic, highs and lows along the way, excitement, changes and lots of other emotions mixed in. We are really happy in our new house and Little Man is really happy in his new school and thats all I could have asked for.


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