What a performance review from Orchard Toys

What a performance review from Orchard Toys


As you most probably guessed by now we are massive fans of orchard Toys. This is due to the quality of the games, the learning whilst play aspect of the games and the great fun my eldest has playing these games.

Today we bring you, What a performance. This game is for 2-4 players and you can play as a team or individually, it is for ages 5 to adult. This is a board based game and is great fun for all the family.

Whats in the box…

  • The playing board
  • Dice and counters
  • Sand time
  • Pack of playing cards
  • Spinner
  • Looking glass to read the words on the back of the cards (not sure what to call it)






Playing the game…

Each player takes it in turns to roll the dice and move around the board. When moving around the board there are different squares you can land on which means you have to do different things.

  • Action square: Player must do the action from the card on the top of the pile
  • Who am I square: Player has to mime what the card says, on the example below pretend to be a tap dancer. The player must not speak or make any noises
  • Make a noise: The player can whistle or hum the noise on the card, the other then need to guess what the noise is. If no one can guess what the noise is then that player has to of a forfeit on the back of the card. You will need your magic red looking glass to read what it says.


  • Spin square: The player needs to spin the spinner and then complete what it points to do on it.




So winning the game is pretty simple. Work your way around the board completing everything you need to. The first person to get to the star at the end is the winner.

This is a really easy and simple game to play. For players to be able to play on their own they need to be able to read. If Little ones want to play and can’t read then play in teams.

As always this is a quality board game from Orchard Toys

. This developer personal and social skills, encourages number and counting, encourages observational skills and promotes language and literacy. At just £15.95 its a bargain. Makes a fab Christmas present as Christmas is just around the corner.


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