Wednesday 28th November 2012. Blood Results.

So I posted on here the other day to tell you that little man had to have a blood test. Today I got the results back and he is anemic. His level was 10.2, I was told it should be 11.3. He has been given iron supplement medicine. I am really dreading the side effects of this as it can cause constipation.

I am slightly worried about this. I know it isn’t serious but I don’t really know a lot about this. Can anyone relate to this at all, or has anyone been through the same with their toddler or baby?

Since little man started nursery in May 2012 he has picked everything up going. He has been ill almost every other week. This is why i pushed for a blood test. Low iron can lead to picking up anything and everything going, which is why my little man has been getting everything. But when he is ill he does not really eat much. Before May he used to eat all of his veg and meat. Now because he has been poorly quite a lot he does not eat that good. I can get home to eat fruit any type of fruit. Veg though is a different story.

Any comments of similar stories and experiences would be really appreciated
Thanks x

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  1. Rachael Jess 28th November 2012 / 15:45

    Max has a cold constantly since starting nursery 🙁 His iron levels are fine, mine weren’t when I was pregnant and had iron tablets – be warned little man’s nappies may well turn green!!

    Have the doctors suggested any of the iron rich foods to try him on? Or maybe specifically ask nursery to give him more broccoli and iron rich foods in his diet?

    • Blogging Mummy 28th November 2012 / 20:07

      I called the doctors back with my concerns regarding him maybe getting constipated on the medicine. We have now agreed between us to get him a multi-vitamin with iron in it and to give him iron rich foods till mid Jan. He will then have another blood test mid Jan. If the Iron is normal then all is fine, if it still slightly low then he will have to have the iron medicine. 🙂

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