Vintage jewellery from Berganza

I have always worn jewellery since I was quite young and have so many different items from nice expensive items to costume jewellery to jazz up an outfit when going out.

Day to day I wear a white gold diamond ring, necklace, eternity bracelet and earrings.  All of which were bough from shops on the high street. Recently though I have been looking at Vintage jewellery online and have come across some really nice pieces. I actually think that vintage jewellery looks a lot more individual.

I find these days a lot of modern rings especially; although they look different they look the same. (if that makes sense) Whereas since looking at vintage rings they look so different, lots of coloured stones, different shaped and coloured bands.For a long while I have loved the white gold and Sapphire stone type of ring. The colours go beautifully together and it looks so expensive (it is) and elegant.

I came across a lovely website called Berganza who pride themselves on having one of the most extensive collections of antique rings in the world. They are a family run business which is great as the service is always a lot more personal from the main stream high street shops. There are so many items on the website that I love and I am going to share a few of my favourites with you.

I find this Sapphire and Diamond cluster absolutely beautiful. This would have to be top of my Christmas list!


These Diamond and Emerald drop earrings are beautiful. I love the green Emerald drops and the whole design of them.



This Blue Sapphire and Diamond bracelet would go perfectly with the Earrings ring above.



This beautiful Art Deco engagement ring is stunning, who wouldn’t love this one on their finger. I know that I most certainly would love this ring. Its the perfect style for me, like it was made for me 🙂


I highly suggest that you check out Berganza website. There are so many lovely, stunning and beautiful items, I can guarantee you will find something you like.

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