My Tips To Find The Best Family Car For You

If you’re starting a family, you’re going to reach a stage where you think about how your life is going to change. One part of this is getting a car suitable for your new lifestyle. You might have to fight your partner on this for a while. Particularly, if they’re a big petrol head. But eventually, little by little, they’ll start to see your point. They will realise that your family can’t be driven around in a two seater with the baby seat squeezed in the back. They will see reason and the hunt for your first family car will begin. What type of features should you be looking for?

Space And Lots Of It
My first tip is to find a car with a lot of space. I’m not sure I’d go as far as buying a people carrier unless you know you want a big family. But a large saloon car is perhaps the best choice here. You want at least five seats and four doors with plenty of legroom for your children to grow into. Trust me, it’s better to think about this now rather than face having to buy a new car further down the road. A large trunk would also be a great advantage. It’s worth thinking about getting a trunk that opens up and is connected to the rest of the car rather than being completely separate. If you do this, you have the chance of one day chauffeuring around a family pet. Again, it just gives you more options.

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Safety First
Obviously, you want to a car that’s safe for your children. You should think twice about buying a car with huge levels of horsepower. I know, speed doesn’t kill unless you drive dangerously. But there’s something about having that power available that will make you want to go just a little faster. You might push it too far so instead aim for something a little lower with great stopping distance. It’s unfair yet true to say that sports cars are some of the safest around due to how quickly they can come to a halt. Have a look online and check out some reviews online. Remember, you need to maintain your car if you want it to stay safe. That includes the need to buy tyres when they start to wear down and checking fluid levels.

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Fuel Efficient
When your kids get older, you’re going to be driving them around a lot. You’ll be taking them to and from school. You might be taking them on trips at the weekend. You may even be driving them around to their friends homes at the weekend and plenty of other places. This is your role as a parent. Half carer, half taxi driver. I’m kidding of course, but it still makes sense to buy a practical, fuel efficient car. That way if you are making plenty of trips it won’t cost you a fortune in petrol.
I hope you use these tips to find the perfect car for your family.

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