Thursday 25th October 2012. Bad Night :-(

Little man fast asleep! Not to last 🙁

Since little man has been 6 weeks old, he has more or less slept through the whole night. We have had the very odd night when he was teething or poorly that he has woken up, but this is probably around 5-6 times since he was 6 weeks old. Everyone tells us how lucky we are. Little man goes to be between 1900 and 2000. He will then sleep straight through till between 0700 to 0800 the next morning. He also will go to bed and go straight to sleep. We lay him down and don’t hear a peep from him.

I have a lot of friends who have just had babies, they are always saying what a bad night they have had and how there babies wont sleep through the night. We even have one friend and his little boy is 2 years old and still wakes up in the night. I have to say I do find my self feeling slightly smug thinking how good our little man is. This was all about to change though.

So for the last month or so little man has started to cry when I tell him it is bed time. He does not want to go to bed at all, however he has been managing to settle once he is in his cot. He has been crying for about 10 minutes then he gives in and goes to sleep. Last night this was not the case. He went to bed at 1915 and cried and cried, I managed to leave him for 25 minutes as I knew there was nothing wrong with him. I finally decided to go and see him just to make sure he was OK.As soon as I walked into his room the crying stopped instantly. I stayed with him and cuddled him for a while and his was absolutely fine no tears at all. After about 15 minutes of being with him and rubbing his back  I decided to give him another go at getting to sleep. I could tell he was shattered and wanted to go to sleep. As soon as I took my hand off his back he started screaming again, I just walked out of his room and left him. Now If I knew he was poorly I would never leave him and I would have him with me for cuddles. He was fine though, and he is not teething as he has all of his teeth at 18 months old. Very young!! He was  crying on and off for about another 40 minutes. One minute he would be crying, then all would go silent and I would think great he has gone to sleep. Then the next minute he would be crying again. This time I gave in to him and went and got him down stairs, something I hate doing unless he is ill. He sat on my knee for about 25 minutes being as good as gold and cuddling me. The other half kept saying he was trying it on with me as he knows I will go up to him if he cries. After 25 minutes little man decided he wanted to start playing with the cats. Now was the time for him to go back to bed. This time Hubby took him up to see if it made any difference. As soon as little man saw his cot he was screaming and crying. After about 10 minutes all went silent and i thought hubby had got him off to sleep. I sneaked upstairs only to find the other half in the cot with him rubbing his back. I had to have a little laugh to my self.

By now it was around about 2230, I said to the other half to leave him again as he had to try to get to sleep. I could see in little mans face he was shattered. Any way… This same thing happened up until 0015. Me and the other half both had work today and little man had Nursery. He had done nothing but cry for the last 5 hours, he did manage to settle for about 20 minutes while he drank his bottle. At 0015 we decided enough was enough and we gave in and did something that never happens. We let him sleep in our bed. This was always something that we said would not happen, but as you all know when you are shattered and have work it seems the easiest option when it means he will settle and go to sleep. We eventually got to sleep about 0130. Next thing I know my alarm is going off and it is 0640 🙁 As we are not used to getting up in the night and then being up at 0640 in the morning, I have to say we are both shattered now.

Little man ended up going to bed tonight at 1800 and he is currently fast asleep, the other half has just gone to bed at 2000 and I am about to go to bed after writing this post.

I know there are probably a lot of parents out there who have this every night, you probably wonder why I am complaining. Well I am not really complaining, but it is hard if you are not used to this. Would be interested to know if any one else has a good little sleep who all of a sudden starts to be unsettled and not wanting to go to bed. I guess it may just be a stage they go through, and would you give in by letting your little one sleep with you?

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  1. Anna 26th October 2012 / 12:43

    My little boy slept like a dream until he was 6 months then his sleep went mad. He wouldn’t go to sleep in his cot, if he woke up he’d cry and cry and the only thing that would calm him down and get him to go back to sleep was coming into bed with us. We spent a year getting him to sleep on the sofa (which meant someone had to be constantly ON the sofa with him), sneaking him into his cot (didn’t always work), and then getting him the minute he started crying in the night and bringing him in with us (something I also swore I’d never do). We moved him to a toddler bed at 18 months and the change was amazing, goes to sleep in the bed and stays there all night (hopefully I haven’t jinxed it by saying this!) I think sometimes they just want a bit of company and the bigger they are, the safer it is in bed with you.

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