Things to do in London

Living only 45 minutes away from London means we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy amazing days out with little travel involved. London is an amazing city and I have visited many times by myself and with the family. There are so many things you can do whether you are a family, single or looking for a romantic break away. From going to see Shrek, seeing London from the London eye, or going to one of the many free museums there really is something to suit anyone of any age.

Last year we visited the Shard for Doug’s birthday and it was fantastic. Went up to the viewing gallery to start with and when we were doe we came back down a little way and had dinner in one of the many eating places within the Shard. We were so lucky and managed to get a window seat which just made the meal so special.

So if you are looking for something to do in London here are a few ideas to give you something to maybe have a think about and help you make a decision on what you may like to do.

Open top bus tour
This is a fab one if the weather is nice. You get to see many of London’s sites that you maybe wouldn’t get to see if you were just on foot. A lot of the busses stop so you can jump on and off as you please with your tickets throughout the day. You can actually pick different tours which go past different sites as well, so you are able to choose what it is you go to see.

Thames river Cruise
A river cruise is a fun a novel way to have a look at London from the water. Whilst you won’t get to see so many of London’s sights it is a great way to get from one place to another. Why not treat yourself and splash out on dinner on one of the cruises, not something you can do every day…. unless you live on a boat!

Captains Bay mini golf
Based in London at Champions Way this is one for you to visit with the kids. I know both of my children love a round of fun mini golf so this is a must, with the summer coming up as well fingers crossed the weather is going to be nice to enjoy doing an outdoor activity like this. I mean you can never be too sure with this UK weather but Mini golf is actually fun rain or shine isn’t it!

Go to the Theatre
There are many different theatres you can visit and so many different show’s to choose from. From musicals, to children shows again this is one for any occasions. So if it is a family day out or a romantic break away you can pick whatever suits your needs. We recently went to see Thriller Doug and I and it was fantastic. I am a big Michael Jackson fan however Doug isn’t, but he loved the show the whole atmosphere in the theatre was insane.

The Colour Run
Oh my gosh… If you have not heard of this promise me you will go and Google it right now! It looks absolutely insane and I am desperate to go this year. Children and adults can enjoy this one and I am pretty sure both of our boys would love this. This is one which is only on for one day, on the 8th July at Wembley Park. This is a 5k run/walk and you get absolutely covered in colour at 5 stations around the 5k run. I am no runner however I would happily get up and do this 5k run… Just look how much fun this looks.

The O2 walk
Doug and I did this a little while back now and it was great fun, you walk right over the O2. It actually doesn’t look very high however when you are walking up it is really steep. You get to stop on a platform right at the top, this is a great picture opportunity place before the very steep walk back down.

Before you go to London for a day out, always check Groupon. They have some fantastic offers on tickets for many London attractions. Over the years Doig and I have used Groupon for many different days out / nights out in London and it really saves quite a bit of cash. If you plan what you want to do before you go then it will definitely save you some money.

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