Things to do in half term that wont cost a bomb

Are you looking for Things to do in half term that wont cost a bomb. Half term is fast approaching I am sure many parents are wondering what to do when the kids are off school. The weather has been really awful just recently and getting outside has been hard. I am hoping next week is going to be a better week and I can get out and about the boys.

A few ideas for keeping the kids entertained this half term are listed below…


Swimming… Visiting the local swimming pool is fun especially in half term. At our local pool in half term they have family fun time during most of the day, this is includes things like balls, inflatables, pedal boats and much more. Call up your local pool and find out if you pool does something like this, the kids will love it.



Local Country Park… We have a lovely Country park where we live called Ferry Meadows. If it isn’t raining why not visit your local Country park outside park area. It’s really lovely to have a walk, visit the play area and let the kids run around. Will get them tired for later on too!



Bowling… If the weather isn’t so great your can visit your local bowling arena. This is great for older and younger kids. For the younger kids you can use the frame to push the ball off, you can have the bumpers up. For the older ones it’s also a lot of fun and great fun for the family.

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Soft play… Little Man loves soft play, although during half term these places tend to be busy. Always chose a least busy time to go, such as over lunch time, early on or later on in the day. We have a couple of soft play places to choose from where we live and they are both fantastic. It’s great to let the kids go off and run about whilst sitting having a coffee.

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Crafting… Making, doing, cutting and sticking. This is another favourite of Little Man’s. Anything to do with cutting and sticking and making he loves. We have a massive craft box at home and it gets used a lot. I put the box out on the table and Little Man decided what he wants to do or make and off he goes. This keeps him quiet for hours. Collect toilet rolls, milk cartons, cereal boxes leading up to school holidays. Little Man made this rabbit last Easter.


Playing with a box… Get your hands on a large cardboard box and give the kids felt pens. This will keep them entertained for ages.



Ice skating… Ice skating is fun, especially if it’s not fantastic weather outside. Little Man has asked for me to take him skating for a while. I know our local Ice skating park does have the penguins that the little ones can use to skate around with. Its fun and a good laugh!

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Cinema…Check out what films are coming out over the holidays and what is already out. I first took Little Man to the cinema when he was 2 and he loved it. He sat so nicely and watched the film like a really good boy. If you go in the day time it wont be too busy either. Take some sweets and a drink and I am sure the kids will love it.

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Do you have any plans for half term already? If so Id love to hear what your planning on doing.

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  1. Kim Carberry 8th February 2016 / 20:11

    Great ideas…We usually do most of those things and my have already decided a cinema trip will be happening 😀

    • Blogging Mummy 8th February 2016 / 21:54

      My little Man loves the cinema, I think its the novelty of going to the cinema as we don’t do it very often. x

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