The Minute that changed my Sons love for going to football

Last season Little Man had a season ticket for The Posh (Peterborough United) He went every Saturday with his Daddy and he loved it. He used to get a bit bored towards the end of the game, however as the season went on he got into it more and more and loved it.

At the start of this season Doug decided to get him another season ticket for this season. Little Man was really excited to go. I used to drop them off before each game and after each game I would pick them up. Little Man would come out smiling and happy and excited to tell me all about the game. That was until one day, when one woman changed all that.



After one particular game he came out and he was really upset saying he wasn’t going to anymore games ever again. So I asked him why and he said a woman had been nasty to Daddy and his friend. (Doug sits with his friends and his friend’s daughter) It turns out what had happened was… The 4 of them had gone to walk on the outside concourse at half time with their drinks just for a look around. A steward ran over and in Doug and his friends words was VERY rude and shouting very loud. She continued to be really rude and then Little Man started to get upset. The steward then told Little Man that the police would take his Daddy away if he went out there with his drink, which made him even more upset and has totally scared him. (lets remember he is only 4 years old) The second half of the game Doug said that Little Man was so scared to stand up and cheer or really get into the game. Every time Doug cheered or shouted out in the game, Little Man would say… “Shush Daddy that woman might get the police to take you away” Doug said The woman was so rude and abrupt and loud and Little Man was in tears. Later on in the second half he saw the Steward standing on the side line. She started walking in the direction of where they were sitting and Little Man start screaming and crying in hysterics as he was so scared of her.

That one moment has ruined my sons love for going to the football with his Daddy. This happened back at the start of the season and he hasn’t been to another game since as he is to scared incase she is there again. I have tried to tell him she wont be there, tried to bribe him and nothing will get him back. That one person and that one minute has ruined what Little Man and his Daddy had.

I am really upset about the situation and am even more sad that we tweeted the club who had no response from them. I just needed to vent my frustration on here as the thing makes me so angry still. Hopefully one day My little man will go back to Posh with daddy and they will enjoy their boys time again.

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  1. Jane Daniel 14th November 2015 / 20:57

    I’m not a football fan, but my goodness, my blood is boiling reading this! One stupid woman has ruined their time together. I would write a really strong letter to any parent players/managers & let them know what happened & hopefully this spiteful witch can be stopped from ever doing this again.
    Don’t apologies for venting, I’d be screaming from the rafters if it was me!
    Hopefully they can discover their time together again, if not in football them some other way. xx

  2. Midlands Mum (@Aceso84) 14th November 2015 / 22:24

    That is so sad, I am so upset on your behalf. I would definitely write to the club and explain what has happened. That woman should not be allowed to steward again. I really hope that your little boy is able to get back to loving football with his daddy.

    • Blogging Mummy 14th November 2015 / 22:26

      They both used to love going and it was their time together. I am sad neither of them get that son and Daddy time now. i really hope one day he will go back. x

  3. Jaydeeknee 21st November 2015 / 23:26

    That’s a real shame, I work for a football club so I know that a lot of work goes into creating a really enjoyable experience for families attending. So it’s really frustrating to hear yours was needlessly ruined by this person. I hope the club do what they can to rebuild your little man’s trust and enthusiasm!

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