Teaching Your Child How To Drive

When your child gets to a certain age they will start to become interested in driving. It is a skill which most people will need to learn in their lifetime for independence and job opportunities, and as a parent you can start this learning curve fairly early in their lives.

Of course, teaching your child to drive is not going to be the most stress free thing you’ve ever done: but it can be a really great way for you to bond with each other and also for them to learn an essential life skill. If you plan to teach your child to drive this year, here are some quick tips.

Of course, when you are going to let your child take the wheel of your car: the first thing you want to do is make sure that your insurance policy will cover any damages they might make. It is understandable when they first take the wheel that a bump or two might occur, so you will want to find some cheap car insurance which will give you the right cover for this occurrence. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Let them ask you
Even if you gave always planned on teaching your child how to drive, they might not feel confident enough to step into the car with you for a while. If your child is white shy and reserved, don’t push them to get in the car, let them come to you and ask for your help themselves. This way they will not feel pressured and as a result they will be a lot less likely to make mistakes.

Plan ahead
It is crucial that when you start the process of teaching your child to drive that you make a schedule. This schedule will include when you will carry our lessons and the things you want to teach in each lesson. For example this could be clutch control, manoeuvres and even parallel parking. Set yourself goals and then once you have taught a specific skill you can move up to the next.

Find a quiet place
When you are letting your child drive, you need to make sure you start off somewhere which is quiet. This will be somewhere like a large clearing, an empty car park or even your own land. It is important to do this for the safety of you, your child and other road users. Once they have built up the skills and confidence they need to move to the road, start venturing out to quieter residential areas where they will be able to drive in the road without encountering too many other motorists.

Stay aware
As when you are driving yourself, you need to stay vigilant when in the car teaching you child. They will not necessarily know to look in their blind spot or their mirrors all the time, so it is your responsibility to do this when they forget. Eventually you shouldn’t need to do this for them anymore, but when they are learning you will need to give them a helping hand. 


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