Sunday 4th November 2012. Poorly :-(

Just a quick post on this Sunday afternoon. Sorry for not writing any posts for 4 days but the family have been poorly. Firstly little man had a high temperature on Tuesday morning, he had some calpol which bought his temperature down. After about 4 hours he started to get hot again. I went to get him some more calpol and as I was coming back he was sick everywhere 🙁 hate seeing my little man poorly. He went to bed early on Tuesday night, but was awake again about 0100. I went in to make sure he was OK. I think he just wanted a cuddle. I spent some time with him in his room giving him a cuddle and he eventually went back to sleep after about 45 minutes. He woke up in the morning about 0730 and seemed fine, which I was surprised about. All of Wednesday he seemed OK but was off his food a little bit, he did eat but not a lot. To look at him you would not know he had been ill. Little man was charging around the house, playing and being mischievous.

Wednesday night came and Little man slept the whole night,Ii was glad as he goes to nursery on a Thursday. I dropped him off at nursery and he was fine. Usually I don’t bother to call the nursery as they will call me if they need me, but on Thursday I called to make sure he had been OK. They advised he had eaten all of his breakfast, snacks and dinner and was absolutely fine. I was so glad to hear he was OK.

Little man was now feeling fine again but unfortunately Friday came and I started to feel unwell myself. I had a high temperature and my whole body was shivering. That night I went to bed rattling with paracetamol. I woke up Saturday and felt awful. Luckily the other half was not feeling ill so he dealt with Little man all day, while I stayed in bed. We had tickets to go to the East of England Showground to see the fireworks on Saturday night. I was really disappointed when I knew we would not be able to go as I was to poorly to go. I ended up staying in bed most of the day. Today I have woken up feeling a lot better, hopefully the other doesn’t catch it.

I will share another post with you tomorrow regarding our new Kitchen, very exciting. We just staying in today, radiators on as its been raining all day, and i am going to try to eat home-made Shepard’s Pie later. Yummy!!

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