Space Saver Ideas For Small Bathrooms

If you are working with a small bathroom it can be difficult to know what to do with the space to make it look good as well as function for the whole family. Small bathrooms though can be an exciting and creative decorating challenge and the chance to really improve the look of your new home. Here are some great ideas to create a more spacious bath time.

Mirror mirror on the wall – yours could be the fairest bathroom of them all by adding mirrors to your bathroom wall. A mirror not only increases the look of your bathroom but also helps reflect natural light for the window giving the whole room a more naturally light and airy feel. This can also work any room that you feel could do with that extra look of space. 

Curtains for sticky showers  – shower curtains are a pain. They are not only difficult to keep clean they also have a tendency to wrap themselves around you as soon as you get wet. More importantly in a small bathroom they block out vital natural light. Replace curtains with a glass or clear plastic panel and you allow more light in.  Don’t choose sliding glass doors or panels as these are difficult to fit and can be dangerous around little children.  A fixed, frameless panel however is the perfect way of creating a view in your new bathroom.

Mount an attack on small spaces – beat small bathroom spaces by mounting as much on the wall thus clearing precious usable floor space. You can get everything from mountable sinks to toilets as well as storage units which mean you can put sharp objects or electrical items well out of reach of little hands. Check out a range of bathrooms online and cheat your way to more space. If you are using a mountable sink or toilet ensure you provide a little stool for the smaller members of your family so that the bathroom works for everyone.

More without the door –  there are lots of ideas on the market to help you solve the bathroom door conundrum. A bathroom door that swings in eliminates a lot of usable bathroom space so why not consider a sliding door or one that opens out to free up that important floor space.

Contrasting ideas – mix light walls with dark floors for a more spacious look. Light walls will reflect more light whereas dark floors will create the illusion of depth. Where possible go for a continuous floor with shower tiles that match the rest of the flooring for example.  This will make the room look bigger with no floor edges to draw the eye.

Add a foreign accent – add a colour accent to one wall of your bathroom and add depth and interest to a small space. You could consider a pattern to contrast with the simple, light feel of the other walls without overwhelming the whole look of the bathroom. Go for a deep red to create a stimulating environment or cool blue to soothe before bed.

Space saver – finally choose clever space saving ideas to avoid clutter and present a smooth, clean space.  Kids toys, toiletries and towels can all be placed on shelves or wall mounted cupboards for a safe, stylish and more spacious small bathroom.

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