The Six Best Things About an AGA

The Six Best Things About an AGA
When you have an AGA oven you’ll find that it’s not just a household appliance, it’s a state of mind. There’s thousands of homes in the UK and Ireland that couldn’t live without their AGA, and here’s six reasons why.

Your AGA really can do everything
There’s an oven or a hotplate for everything; from flash-frying vegetables to simmering an amazing sauce to roasting a joint of lamb to perfection, your AGA will do it all for you. It uses a gentler, radiant heat to do the business, rather than direct heat, which can dry out your food. True, this way of cooking does take some getting used to, but it’s a learning curve worth getting onto.

It’s surprisingly green
Ever since the first AGAs hit the market 90-odd years ago, the parts and materials have been recyclable – you’ll never see an old AGA languishing in a landfill dump or even in a scrapyard. There’s quite the market for reconditioned models and many AGAs are still performing well after 50 years or more. In addition to this, you have a wider choice of fuel with an AGA than you do with most other ranges, which means that you can opt for an oil-fired model if you’re off the gas grid. Not only can you get great deals when you buy home heating oil but you could easily switch to bio-fuels in the future when they become widely available.

Your AGA will become the heart of your home
Everyone will love it, from your family to your visitors and even your cats and domestic chickens! Everyone will troop in on a cold day, lean against its welcoming warmth while they regain the feeling in their hands and feet and heat up some cocoa. They’ll warm up their wellies, dry their clothes and simmer a stew on it. Perfect.

There’s a hue for every you
With 15 colours to choose from and more being added every year or so, you can’t fail to find a shade that suits you and your home, whether you’re rustic and traditional (in which case cream or pewter might be your thing) or a bit more daring (in which case aubergine or pistachio may well float your boat).

You can’t beat the ovens for size
In most models, the roasting oven is big enough for a 13-kilo turkey, which makes Sundays a breeze and Christmases…well, easier at least. You can also roast vegetables in with the meat without melding the flavours together, which is difficult in a regular oven.

There’s sizes and models to suit every lifestyle and kitchen
You might imagine that you need a huge farmhouse kitchen to accommodate an AGA, but there are some fairly diminutive models out there. You could have a two-oven model, for example, if you’re pushed for space. On the other hand, if you do a lot of baking, there’s the three- oven model and for larger families there are even four and five-oven AGAs.

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