Shake Up Your Holiday Style With A Break For All Seasons

When it comes to planning your holidays, you can often find yourself heading to the same kinds of places. Whether there’s a particular resort in Greece that you love or you’ve got family on the Cornish coast, it’s easy to get yourself into the same kind of rhythm. But, that rhythm can start to get very stale, very fast. And when you’re traveling with the kids, you always want to try and avoid that. If you feel like you’re ready to shake up your holiday style, you might want to look at a few very different environments and seasons to form the backdrop of your family break.

Summer Sun
If you do love your summer sun holidays, you may not want to discount this idea altogether – but you might want to a change of venue. Spain can offer a lot to families. Whether you go to the mainland or some of the Spanish owned islands, you will find family friendly resorts, mild weather and all only a few hours on a plane away. You can choose to stay inland or visit the coast, or even head to a city to change up your usual scene if you fancy something different. Another thing I love about sun holidays is the fact you have an excuse to go clothes shopping. To help you pick out the perfect outfit for each holiday, check out top tier style.


Winter Wonderland
For something completely different, you may want to think about heading to the snow. Winter sun can be a lot of fun – especially when it’s formed with a backdrop that’s made of a blanket of snow. If you want to go somewhere special, try Lapland. Find yourself the best company for Lapland holidays and the right resort, and you’ll be in for a treat. Because not only will you have a wealth of winter snow activities to choose from, you can also see The Northern Lights.

Campsite Fun
For a change of pace, if you’re used to heading abroad, you may want to consider staying in the UK. And when you want a completely different atmosphere, why not think about camping? Camping as a family can be so much fun. Not only can you have a barbecue most nights and get out into the wilderness in the day for a wealth of adventure, but you can also cuddle around the campfire at night too.

City Explorations
If you’ve tried a lot of everything else and you really want to do something different, why not consider a city escape? Although you tend to think of city breaks as a holiday for couples, they can be great for families too. Not only are cities a great cultural experience, but they are also educational too. Take Rome. Your entire family can eat well and enjoy the gorgeous culture, and take in some of the world’s most breathtaking sights.

Countryside Retreat
Finally, you may also want to think about the complete opposite and head off on a countryside retreat. Sometimes, nothing beats being secluded in the heart of the country for awhile. For this, you might want to consider France. The French countryside has a lot to offer. With beautiful views, a slower pace of life, and stunning food, a countryside break will be enjoyable all round.

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