Schleich Dinosaurs Grrrrrr-eat fun!

Bubs love nothing more than playing with little figures and he will sit for hours playing. He loves anything where he can put characters in cars or houses and move them around and pretend to role play with them. I just knew that he would love this Dinosaurs set from Schliech.

The set is for children age 5-12

The set comes with

  • 5 separate rock pieces which fit together to make one large rock
  • 3 dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur skeleton head

As with many other Schleich sets you can buy extras that will also work with this one set. I just love that about toys, because you can add extras on for birthdays and other special occasions and on old toy can suddenly become a favourite again with a new add on set. Below are a couple of other sets which you can also purchase to go together.

The quality of this play set is very good. The rocks look so real and the dinosaurs are very well made and will stand a lot of play time.

For £39.99 I would be more than happy to pay this price for the set. For the quality and amount of use I know it will get, the price is very reasonable.

With Christmas coming up very soon why not add this to your list for someone you know who loves dinosaurs.

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