Saturday 20th October 2012. Staying In

Most weekends we go out and do something from, shopping to soft play etc. As little man is now 17 months old he wants to be out and about all the time. He loves being outside which is great. Today we decided to have a really lazy day, we decided last night we were going to have a really lazy day. Heating on and lounge wear on all day and do nothing.

Little man didn’t wake up till 0850 this morning, which is quite late as its usually about 0730 to 0800. When I heard him up I looked at my clock and saw it was 0850. I could not believe we had decided to have a lazy day and little man obviously had to. I got him in bed with us and we put Fireman Sam on TV. He laid watching Sam for about 45 minutes. It was so nice to lay in bed and for little man to behave himself without messing about. Our lazy day started off great.

We eventually came downstairs at 10.15. Little man got his toys out and we were having lots of laughs. I thought how lovely it was not to have to think about getting ready to go out. When the other half came down from the shower he cooked me a lovely bacon and egg sandwich which is my favourite. Archie obviously had cereal honey nut loops, which he loves.

After breakfast we just lazed around in our lounge wear, making lots of mess with the toys, toys everywhere. The lounge looked like a bomb had gone off. Little man seemed to love staying in and playing with his toys. Most of all he loved mummy and daddy chasing him around the room and tickling him. We spent the whole day do absolutely nothing. Was great to spend the whole day with hubby and little man and do nothing else.

Does anyone else ever do this? Id be interested to know if anyone has lazy days where you don’t get dressed and just laze and play around all day. We had such a great laugh.

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