Santa landed at Wyevale Garden Centre

With Christmas literally days away the kids had been asking to go and see Santa for ages. We were due to go last weekend but with the heavy snow we were unable to get there. We ended up going yesterday (Saturday 16th December)


Both of the boys were so excited and couldn’t wait to see Santa. Upon arriving at Wyevale as soon as you walk through the door you can see big green circles on the floor saying ‘ To Santas’ Grotto’  Follow the circles and you will end up finding Santa.

I would say this is exactly what it says just a Grotto experience. There isn’t really any walk through of lights or Christmas figures. When you arrive you walk into an area where you queue and are surrounded by loads of Christmas Tress full of pretty lights which looks lovely. When it is your turn to go through to see Santa there is an Elf and I have to say what she gets the children to do really is magical and my boys thought it was absolutely fantastic. The elf the children to pick a magic bean and put it in a small plant pot, they then have to put some magic sparkly soil in the pot and then carry it through to Santa. Once inside the Grotto the children put the magic beans and pot inside a cupboard. The children then have plenty of time to talk with Santa. After finishing with Santa the children then open up the cupboard door to see what the magic beans have turned into and what happens next is magical for the kids. You can watch our video HERE to see what happens. It is probably best to watch the video as I wasn’t able to take many pictures whilst inside it was very dark. Skip to 7.34 to see the start of the Grotto experience.

What I love the most is that the Santa is fantastic. Sometimes you can end up seeing a Santa which even my kids know is real, but with this Santa he was amazing. Looked amazing and was fab with the kids. He gave them so much time and spoke to them for about 5 minutes. We didn’t feel rushed through at all which was great. I would highly recommend visiting Wyvale at Huntingdon if you are in this area. If not then you can find one in your area taking part in the Grotto experience.

The kids had their picture taken with Santa which we had put inside a bauble for £8.50, It is a really nice way of keeping the memory. Each year we can take out the bauble and put it on the tree. You could choose pictures, keyring, magnets and much more.

Have you visited at Wyevale, let us know what you thought of Santa if you have.

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