Round up of our Summer

We have had a fantastic summer, well by Summer I mean from May to end of August. We have done so much and I thought it would be fab to have a quick round-up.

We visited the new Centre Parcs at Woburn back in May, We visited Mon-Fri and had a fantastic week away. We loved Woburn however we felt it wasn’t as established as some of the other parks.






We were then home for a week and then went away again to Bluestones in Wales. This was me, the kids and my parents. and what a fantastic week we had. It was beautiful and I would love to return next year.



Our last holiday of the summer was completed by going in a brand new static caravan that was lovely. We stayed at Reighton Sands Haven site right next to Scarborough. We had lovely weather and managed to go to the beach a couple of times. Little man loved playing cricket and football on the beach. The entertainment was pants however Little Man loved it. P.S Haven… Bring back the Tiger Club!!!




We then visited Sundown park which you can read all about here. A fantastic day our at an under 10s theme park. I would really recommend visiting as we had a fab day.




Next we visited Shreks Adventure, the new day out in London’s Count Hall right near the London Eye. WOW what a day, it really was amazing. You can read more about that in an upcoming post. Bubs stayed with my mum and we had this as a day with Daddy, Mummy and Little Man.


We had a fantastic day out at Alton Towers and CBeebies land. Both kids loved it and Bubs loved Postman Pat. It was a very long day and both kids slept the whole way home which is about 2.5 hours. Alton towers was also a bit of a road trip and night away from home. We decided to stay near Alton Towers the night before as it’s a very long drive for us. We stayed at Premier inn and Little Man couldn’t have been more excited. He had no idea we were going to CBeebies until we told him at the hotel.




Not to mention all the lovely days we have spent in the garden having BBQs and lots of lovely family messing about time. The kids have both enjoyed going in the swimming pool and being in the garden. We have spent many days at our local lake side Ferry meadows. Such a beautiful place to go for a walk on a sunny afternoon and picnic.


IMG_4884\ IMG_4885


I have had a lovely Summer and so have the family. Now looking forward to the cold weather and the days inside, heating on, snow falling and being silly inside rather than outside.

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    • Blogging Mummy 4th September 2015 / 09:46

      ah its beautiful isn’t it, sp peaceful and relaxing. Its really a long long way for us to travel thats the only problem. x

  1. Kelly Finn 4th September 2015 / 11:48

    Ahh it sounds like you’ve had an awesome summer, I’m so jealous! Lovely photos, I really want to take Tia to CBeebies but it’s so far away.

    • Blogging Mummy 7th September 2015 / 12:27

      yeah its a long way for us. Lucky we stayed overnight at a prem inn just down the road. its so worth the visit. x

  2. MummyTravels 4th September 2015 / 14:45

    What a fun summer! We went to Bluestone a few years ago and loved it, I’d love to go back now my daughter’s older. I’ve never tried Center Parcs though, would be interesting to compare.

    • Blogging Mummy 4th September 2015 / 15:53

      We like Centre Parcs for different reasons to Bluestones. Centre Parcs has a lot more going on and a lot more to do. Its a shame Bluestone is such a long way a way for us. xx

  3. Becky, Cuddle Fairy 4th September 2015 / 16:05

    Wow, you guys did so much! Cbeebies land must be so cool! I haven’t heard of that before. Sounds like you had a really wonderful summer x

    • Blogging Mummy 7th September 2015 / 12:27

      Cbeebies is in Alton Towers and your ticket is for both so you don’t pay extra for either or. the kids loved it x

  4. Jess Howliston 5th September 2015 / 12:01

    It sounds like you have had a busy yet amazing summer! I have heard great things about Bluestone so will definitely be considering this for one of our holidays next year! x

    • Blogging Mummy 7th September 2015 / 12:28

      I would highly recommend Bluestone it is fantastic there is a full review fit on the blog if you would like to read.

  5. a modern mommys world 5th September 2015 / 15:41

    ah lovely post, looks like ye had a fab summer, I would love to do some trips to some of the parks in Uk, maybe Easter next year we might head off with caravan

  6. Michelle 6th September 2015 / 21:03

    What a Fab summer. We absolutely love CBeebies land and visited twice over the summer. Centre parks is definitely on my to do list too. X

    • Blogging Mummy 7th September 2015 / 12:29

      Our favourite is Elvden Forest its fantastic. However they are all really good. x

    • Blogging Mummy 7th September 2015 / 12:29

      Tried to do as much as possibly as Little Man is starting school.

  7. Fi Ní Neachtáin 7th September 2015 / 09:13

    Sounds (and looks!) like you all had a fabulous summer! It’s so lovely to get away with the little ones in tow isn’t it? 🙂 x

    • Blogging Mummy 7th September 2015 / 10:40

      because we had already done our holidays before the summer holidays we just tried to make the most it especially now Little Man is starting school. x

  8. Kate ✚ 7th September 2015 / 10:24

    Ah I love Center Parcs. We haven’t been for years but would love to go back. Looks like you had a wonderful summer. Your photos are fab 🙂

    • Blogging Mummy 7th September 2015 / 12:30

      We love Centre Parcs however now our Little man is starting school we prob wont be going because they hike the prices up far to much. x

  9. thesparklenest 13th September 2015 / 17:15

    That sounds like a lovely summer! I’ve never been to Center Parcs, we live just down the road from the Longleat one. One day maybe! 🙂 x

    • Blogging Mummy 13th September 2015 / 21:24

      Longleat is the only one we advent been to its to far for us. x

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