Road trip with Children

Have you ever thought of taking a road trip? I think the idea of a road trip is amazing, you get to see and visit so many places rather than staying in one place for a couple of weeks.

I have been looking at road trips that would suit us as a family of 4 with two young children.

A road trip doesn’t have to be about travelling to lots of different countries such as a road trip around Europe, you can have a Road trip around France, America and just one country that you love.

I think travelling around France would be just so amazing and then ending it by going to Disney Land. You could either tell the kids or leave it as a real surprise for the end of the trip.

France has some amazing places and its literally a quick plane journey away. Drop your car off at the airport with Purple Parking, jump on the plane and pick up your car hire the other end and off you go.

One of the most famous wine regions of the world (sounds good hey) you can go on a wine tasting experience, however for children they can learn a lot without having to taste the wine. They can learn about how wine is made, the effects of alcohol and even taste grape juices.

Bordeaux is also amazing for hiring a bike and cycling around, not only will it keep you fit but you will be able to get to see places you wouldn’t see in the car #wheelsoftheworld

There are so many activities here for the children to enjoy. Located just next to Bordeaux it is easy to hope into your car and move onto your next location. You can boat down the Dordogne river or look at the lovely historical castles. If you visit Font De Gume the prehistoric theme park sounds like something to check out.

Dordogne is similar to the Cotswolds but just warmer and sunnier and the house are build of honey coloured stone.

Next on the list (we are getting closer to Paris) is Chartres. The cathedral is a must see it looks absolutely beautiful and such a lovely place for the kids to look around and explore.

You can spend a night or 2 in Paris before moving onto Disney with the children or just go straight to Disney. Whilst Paris isn’t very child friendly there are some must see sights such as the Eiffel tower. Everyone has to get the picture standing at the bottom of the Eiffel tower surely. there is also the Arc De Triomphe and The Louvre. Such beautiful places to visit and educational for the children as well.

Disney land then requires no explanation. The children would love it, we would love it and its a place where we can all be children. How amazing would it be to finish off the road trip with this massive surprise for the kids. A place to let loose, be silly, act like kids all day long and just have the best laughs.We all know that this place is magic for the youngest the oldest and even the teenagers, it will be sure to motivated everyone to get up and go and have fun. You can also find here an ebook on how to motivate your teenagers if this isn’t enough motivation for them.

Have you ever been on a road trip with children? If you have where did you go and how well did it go?

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