What Is The Right Age For Kids To Have Mobile Phones?

This is the hot topic in playgrounds and internet chat forums up and down the country. When should you let your child have their very own mobile phone? It seems like only yesterday that your kids were playing happily in the garden without a care in the world. Yet, now they want to go out alone and communicate with their friends without you being involved!

How are you going to pay for the phone?

Before you can even think about getting a phone for your child you need to sort out how you are going to pay for it. This is not going to be high up on your child’s list of priorities but it will be on yours. There are some clever ways that you can get an iPhone 6 with bad credit and you can get a lot of advice and support here to get the phone deal that you need.

Perhaps there are other savings that you could make in your household budget? You could look at changing your gas and electricity supplier to cut your monthly payments or you could try cutting down on your transport costs.

What sort of phone are they going to get?

They may want an iPhone 6 but you may have other ideas! One cheap way to get them a phone is to allow them to use your old phone once you have had an upgrade. Kids are notorious for losing their mobile phones and you may feel more comfortable if they are using an older handset. Once they get used to the responsibility of having a mobile phone and they are a little older you could swap them onto a more expensive model.

It is a good idea to discuss what they want to do with the phone. Do they want to access the internet or take pictures? You may find that making and receiving phone calls is a long way down their list of priorities.

Mobile phone safety and children

You will want the phone to be a positive thing in your child’s life but this is not always the case. Some children get bullied via their phones and this is something that you will have to keep an eye out for. Other children can send malicious text messages, images or social media messages. If you notice that your child is becoming withdrawn or depressed you should ask to see their phone!

Some children are more mature than others and all children have different lifestyles. Therefore, only you can decide when the time is right for your child to have their own phone. It may take you a few months to decide. Many parents like their kids to have a phone once they are in high school because they are walking home on their own. A mobile phone allows them to let you know when they are going to be late. You can also get hold of them. This is as much for your peace of mind as theirs.

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