Review: Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Who Shook Hook board game from Wonder Forge.

We have recently been sent a great game to review. The game is called Who shook Hook. It is fantastic, good quality, well made board game.


who shook hook 55

The game is for children aged 4 upwards and for 2-4 players.

Inside the box you get …

  • 2 Palm Trees
  • 1 spinner
  • 1 hammock
  • 3 barrels
  • 3 treasure chests
  • 3 tikis
  • 3 money bags
  • 4 different tools, shovel, leaf tweezers, sword and an anchor on a fishing rod.
  • 1 Captain hook figure
  • 4 bands to fix the hammock to the trees
  • 4 playing figures

This is such a great game, easy to set up, easy to learn how to play it. As we all know children have no patience so this is a great game. It takes about 2 minutes to set up and you can start playing straight away. It is so easy to play.


Setting up the game

whoo shook hook 4

Setting up the game

who shook hook

Once you have set up the board up your ready to play. Player 1 spins the spinner, they then move the amount of squares shown by the spinner.  Each square means something different. So if you land on a treasure space you can then remove one treasure as indicated on the space. You can use the tool of your choice to remove the item.

If you land on an X space you can remove an item of treasure the same colour as the X space again using the tool of your choice.  There is one space that has all 4 colours on it, in this case you decide yourself which one you want to remove.

If you land on a tool space, you may remove any item of treasure but with the tool specified on the space you landed on.

On the spinner there is a broken bridge symbol. If you land on this any player who has there playing character on the bridge on the board loses a piece of treasure. This piece of treasure is then given to Tick Tock Croc who lives under the bridge.

To finish the game, all of the treasures have to be removed from the hammock. The player who has the most treasures is the winner. If any player knocks Hook off the hammock the game is then over. Discounting yourself the other player who has the most treasure is the winner.

Little Man using the hook

whoo shook hook 3

 Using the Spade

whoo shook hook 2

We have played this game a few times now and think it is great fun. This is a great family fun game for the whole family.

The game retails for around £15 and is definitely worth the price. This game will last as it is strong and very well made. Perfect Christmas present for any games loving families and children.

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