Is it really important to service your car?

In our increasingly hectic lives fitting in the car service can seem like a pain. The car’s running fine and just passed its MOT so why would it need a service? What’s more it’s not compulsory so why bother? Surely it’s just an unnecessary expense?

If the above sounds familiar you’re not alone. I am actually guilty of not getting my car serviced and it was due 6 months ago. I simply can not find the time to drop the car off, then getting some to pick me up to take me home and then take me back to the garage is just a nightmare. There must be so many people out there who fall into this same trap as me, the longer time goe on the less you think about getting it serviced.

Servicing is important to keep your car running at its best. When your car goes in for a service the garage carry out a more comprehensive inspection of your vehicle than at your MOT. They check vital parts and safety features, for example checking for signs of wear on brake parts or checking for signs of rust. They also carry out oil and oil filter replacement which can help keep your engine working at its best and will top up vital fluids like brake fluid.

So what happens if you don’t ensure your car is regularly serviced? The handy infographic below from Stoneacre highlights the potential pitfalls of not maintaining regular service intervals.



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