Rants about School

Rants about School…

So angry that Little Man is in effect being punished for having 3 days of school for being sick, (2 separate occasions) genuinely poorly with a temperature of 39.5 and being sick. He didn’t eat for 2 days, didn’t move off the sofa for a day and half and was poorly.

Anyone who knows Little Man personally knows he does not sit still, he is on the go all day from the moment his eyes open until the minute they close at night. So for him to not move off the sofa for the best part of 2 days can only mean one thing, he is poorly.

Let me tell you the story and why I am so angry…

First occasion of sickness: This was Little Mans second EVER day at school. It was only a half day. He woke up at 0400 in the morning being sick. I decided in my mind that if he wasn’t sick any more I would send him in. I mean he couldn’t possibly be ill on his 2nd day could he? Any way he was sick again at 0600 and then again just before school. I kept him off and he continued to be sick during that whole day.  The next day he still wasn’t 100% however he wasn’t being sick, I decided I had to send him in. It was only for 4 hours and if he was sick then they would send him home.

Second occasion of sickness: This was actually only last week. Little man had a temperature of 39.5 he didn’t move off the sofa for almost a day and half, he hardly eat anything for 2 days and was again poorly.

I am not someone who can’t be bothered to take him into school.  I will NOT let Little Man be off school if he isn’t showing signs of being really poorly, such as sickness, temperature etc. He will occasionally say his tummy hurts and I tell him that if he is poorly at school they will call me and I will go and pick him up.

So what has made me so angry??? I am angry that children that have 100% attendance are today being reward with a fun afternoon in the school half with hot chocolate and cookies and fun things to do. Whilst children who don’t have 100% attendance are being punished by not getting to go.

In effect there are children that have 100% attendance but mess around in class, are naughty and cause problems that are being rewarded. Whereas we have Little Man who has had genuine sick days and is being punished.

So when Little Man comes home and asks me ‘Mummy why didn’t I get to go to the fun afternoon’ do I say… Oh sorry darling because you were being sick and had 3 days off school your being punished.

He is 4 years old for heaven’s sake!!!

In my opinion 4 is too young to be in school. I do think the school should be more sensitive and maybe reward a child for 100% attendance but not where it makes the others feel so left out. Or maybe they should reward children with over 98% attendance so there is a bit of leeway for children who have maybe had a couple of genuine sick days.

We attended Little Mans Parents evening last night (10th Feb) and he got an outstanding report. The teacher said he has never once had to tell Little Man off about his behaviour, he is above his age average in all subjects and he basically got a glowing report. So why the hell is this not rewarded?? Why the hell is a child that has just got a fantastic report being punished for having 3 sick days? Why is a child that has 100% attendance BUT is naughty and always being told off and taken out of class being rewarded?

This is not right and I am so sad that my Little man is going to feel like being sick is a bad thing. Next time he is sick do I make him go into school poorly so he will be able to attend the next ‘fun’ afternoon, or do I keep him off school? Why do I even have to ask myself this question?? Why why why???

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  1. hannonle 24th February 2016 / 10:19

    arghhh reading that has made me angry too! Stupid school!
    I hope you do something fun with him to make up for it but it’s maddening that he’s left out in the first place! grrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Laura Pyper 24th February 2016 / 11:14

    totally agree with this being totally unfair :/
    We cant help it if the kids are unwell.I think half the problem is parents not keeping children off when they are ill or sending them back too soon,causing tummy bugs and viruses to spread
    Children with diarrhoea and/or vomiting should kept off school until at least 48 hours after their symptoms have gone (but parents feel pressured into sending them back)

    My daughter feel unwell over the weekend and is on her third day off Im hoping to send her back tomorrow

  3. Jennifer 24th February 2016 / 12:47

    I think you are quite right to be ranting about this, it’s not something I agree with at all. At my children’s school they get a certificate if they have full attendance for a term. It was nice for my daughter who did, but my son who had to have a day off because he was ill felt bad because he didn’t get one. If it was more than a certificate, like at your school, that would make me very cross. There are so many other things that they could reward them for that the children have control over.

  4. Jo Hutchinson 24th February 2016 / 16:10

    You have every right to be angry, a reward system should at least be fair.

  5. Kim Carberry 24th February 2016 / 18:05

    Aww! Bless him….It isn’t right at all! I hate how schools give rewards for 100% attendance.
    My eldest had 100% attendance at school then she had an appointment at the hospital to have her heart defect checked and then she got braces and needed a day off too….She gets punished too by not being able to take part in the end term of school trips. It’s so wrong

  6. Blogging Mummy 28th February 2016 / 08:46

    Thank you for all of your comments. I am so pleased this isn’t just me being over protective of Little Man. I feel a lot better for writing this and getting it off my chest and also for the support of everyone. x

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