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As many of you will Know I recently celebrated my 30th Birthday with my family in Centre Parcs, we had a fantastic week away and it was great to do something a bit different for my birthday. Sometimes with children it can be hard to arrange nights out or parties if you are wanting to celebrate a special occasion.

I recently found out about a company called Party Houses and they have large houses to rent the UK. This can be the perfect solution if you have children, don’t want a night out clubbing or just want a big get together with friends and family.

You can search for beautiful houses in the Uk from houses sleeping 12 people right up to over 100 people. There really is something to suit everyone and they are the most beautiful places. If you are hosting a party you really could be lord and lady of the manor for a night or 2. If you book a house which is the right size for all of your guests the price is so reasonable as well. I was really shocked by the price when I was checking out a few houses with how reasonable they are priced. With older houses, more modern houses, houses with pools there is a fab choice to choose from…

We have Doug’s 40th coming up in the next 3 years and I think this is the kind of thing that would be perfect for us to celebrate with friends and family. Neither of us go out clubbing, or drinking all night now so a night in one of these houses, drinks, games and just a general good time with people who matter would be perfect.

Party houses would also be fantastic for a wedding venue, where you can rent out the whole house for the wedding party and then everyone can stay over in the same house. Win win situation so everyone can drink and no one has to worry about driving home or driving to a hotel for the night.

With houses all over the Uk from the South West up to the Midlands and Peak district there is sure to be a venue in an area for you. there are pet friendly houses as well so no one gets left out of the celebration.

I hate say this in August but Christmas is just around the corner and before we know it we will be in the throws of Christmas which is just crazy I know… How amazing would it be to rent a house like this over Christmas. I can just imagine waking up with all our family on a snowy Christmas day morning, kids all excited and running around, cooking dinner in the house and all sitting down together to eat together. Imagine being in this house for Christmas with all your family, snow on the ground, fire burning…


I would love to know what you think? Is this something you have done before, let me know below

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  1. Sophie's Nursery (@sophiesnursery) 15th August 2017 / 08:09

    These sound like a great idea for a family get together or party! I know someone who had a wedding in one as well & it was fab. It’s good to know they’re reasonably priced, will have a look x

  2. motherhoodtherealdeal 15th August 2017 / 13:55

    Oooooh I would LOVE to do something like this…how amazing it would be to hire a party house for big milestone celebration something perhaps I need to look into for my 40th?!!

  3. Emma 15th August 2017 / 20:22

    I’ve never hear of this before, but what a wonderful idea for a small intimate wedding! Just perfect!

  4. Ana De-Jesus 16th August 2017 / 02:20

    Aw Party Houses sounds like a great concept.It would definitely be perfect for a wedding!

  5. Claire justine 16th August 2017 / 10:10

    Aww, this sounds great. We have never done anything like this before. Would love to though 🙂

  6. Clair 16th August 2017 / 12:46

    Wow I have just had a look at some of these houses, they are amazing. I would definitely consider something like this!

  7. dearmummyblog 16th August 2017 / 20:34

    What a great idea! My mummy is looking for a venue for her 40th so is off to have a look now 🙂

  8. Chloe Ciliberto 16th August 2017 / 21:36

    We looked at renting a huge house abroad for a group of family and friends for a lovely holiday, but I never thought of doing it here. A party house sounds like a really great idea, you could rent it for any kind of special occasion. Genius! I might do it for my 30th. x

  9. Lauretta at Home and Horizon 17th August 2017 / 08:04

    This sounds like a good plan. It makes the party more personable as you can rent out the whole place exclusively for you and your guests.

  10. London Mumma 17th August 2017 / 20:10

    This sounds perfect and just what my large family needs at Christmas, just sent the link over to my step mother. x

  11. hexmum 19th August 2017 / 21:55

    With nine of us we are always looking for larger properties to stay in, so I shall defintely be checking them out.

  12. mummygummie 21st August 2017 / 19:57

    I’ve been to a few similar places for hen weekends which has walkways been good. Love the idea of a big family Christmas at one too though!

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