Our Trip to Specsavers

Little Man had his eyes tested for the first time a year ago now. We were told that he was very borderline for glasses and would need re-testing again in 6 months. So fast forward 6 months and an email came into my inbox asking if we would like to blog about the new Minions glasses range at Specsavers and if Little Man would like his eyes testing. It was almost bang on 6 months so it was perfect timing for us.

The first time we went Little Man used the pictures and this time I was excited about him being able to read the letters. We went into our local Specsavers and the lady on reception booked us in and told us to take a seat.

We first of all had Little Mans eyes tested on a machine that takes a picture of his eye-ball, this is then transferred over on an iPad to the lady doing the full eye test. Little Man was a bit worried about sitting in the chair on his own, however the lady was very reassuring and he sat in the chair on his own like a big boy.




The lady put the letter up on the screen however they were all capital letters and Little Man only know his letters as lower case at the minute. He was happy to have the pictures again and was great at saying what they were. After he had said what the pictures were, she looked into his eyes with the bright light and said all looked great. She said his eyes had improved since last time, Little Man was not happy as he was desperate to wear glasses. Being a glasses wearer myself I for one know he does not want to be wearing glasses at such a young age.

Specsavers have recently launched a new Minions range and they look great. These days they really have such a fantastic range of glasses for children. I think glasses need to be fun so children who need to wear them want to.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 23.21.04

I would really advise visiting Specsavers, they were great with Little Man and very thorough. This is also where I go to have my eyes done and I have always been very happy with the service they provide and the quality of the eye test.

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  1. Jada Lewendon 26th January 2016 / 11:50

    So glad to hear/read you had a good experience! I don’t know if you see my status or not but I took L to Specsavers for the very first time and it was horrendous! I’m so upset that his first full on opticians appointment was negative as he is now scared to go to an opticians! L was under hospital care from birth until he was eight, so it was just a matter of getting his prescription from the hospital and then going to an opticians to pick some glasses! This time however, he needed the full opticians experience, and both myself and L was left so upset! xx

    • Blogging Mummy 26th January 2016 / 21:42

      yeah I saw your post hun. It was such a shame as I have always had such a fantastic experience at spec saves, wether its been for me or Little Man. Are you going to give them another try? xx

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