Our Evening Routine

I thought I would share with you our evening routine, I am going to be doing a video over on my Youtube channel as well but just wanted to do one of the blog as well.

We are currently in the midst of the summer holidays so at the moment our routine is a bit all over the place, however come 2 weeks time and we will hopefully be back in a nice routine ready for back to school and another school term.

Our routine does differ slight, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are all the same and Thursday and Friday are the same. The reason there is a difference is because I work Thursday and Friday and it just pushes everything back till a little later but it is still the same routine just a bit later times.

I find that routine is so important for kids even more so when they are at school.

1700 – Kids have dinner, I will make sure they have a cooked dinner every night usually a meal with some kind of veg. Both of my kids love veg so it is really easy to get them to eat anything that has veg included which is a massive bonus.

1730– finish dinner, the kids will then go and play together for a while until I have had time to clear the table and do the washing up/ clean the kitchen up.

1800 – I will go through and take the kids up for a bath. We do have a both almost every night just because they are usually dirty from playing outside during the day. I also feel like a bath helps to relax and calm them down. So I will let them have a play in the bath whilst I get their pjs ready and clean up any mess upstairs that has been made during the day.

1820 – Go and wash their hair and wash then down and get ready to get out of the bath.

1825- get out of the bath and come downstairs to get dried and pjs on. Have a chill on the sofa  Bomb around the living room like a lunatic for 10 minutes. My youngest will then have a bottle and they may have a drink or biscuit before going up to bed at 1900.

1900 –  Get into bed, we read a couple of stories together usually one has to be Peppa Pig, put music and and lay down in bed to go to sleep. This is slightly different for Little Man as he is a bit older, after the story he gets his TV (OMG bad parent alert) for half hour in his room.

1930 -2000 – I will usually go and check on the kids to turn off the TV and make sure Bubs is asleep. I will then pop up again after about 20 minutes to make sure Little Man has got to sleep. Doug and I usually have our dinner about 1930 so I usually eat fast or check on the kids between eating.

For the rest of the evening I will do anything that I need to, cleaning, tidying, washing up, putting on the washing machine, watching Eastenders and usually I will go to bed around about 2300.


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