Orchard Toys Build A Beetle

When travelling on a plane I always try to take a few things to keep the kids occupied. I like to buy new things so that it keeps their attention for longer than games and toys they have already played with. Well…I have the perfect game which will fit easily in your hand luggage and keep the kids entertained. I bring you Build a Beetle from Orchard Toys.

Orchard Toys have 6 fantastic new games that are in a small box which makes it so easy to pack to take away with you. We have played Build a Beetle and Little Man loves it, and I have to say I also enjoyed playing it.



The game is for ages 4-8 years and for 2-4 players

The aim of the game is pretty simple, basically who can build their beetle first.

There are 4 beetle characters, on the back they are all coloured and numbered. You turn all the pieces face down showing just the backs which are green, yellow, blue and red. Each piece is then numbered and you spin the spinner and pick up each piece of your beetle as and when you spin the number.




Each player MUST spin a 6 to be able to start.

The winner is the first person to build their beetle.


This game develops matching and memory skills, personal and social skills, encourages numbers and counting and encourages observational skills.

I found this games lasts about 10-15 minutes and Both Little Man and I had good fun paying it. I would highly recommend this game and it will certainly be coming with us on holiday this year. The game is currently £4.99 on the Orchard Toys website.

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