New Year New Goals

I am not really one to make resolutions, I don’t really stick to them and end up forgetting what I said. So this year I have decided to Set myself some goals and I thought I would share them with you.

Make a go of my Youtube
As it currently stands I have 529 subscribers on Youtube. I have made videos of review items and some challenges. I have dipped in and out of Youtube as and when, but this year I want to make a real go of my channel. I am setting myself a goal of 4k Subscribers by 31st December 2018. I don’t really have any idea of how achievable that is but I want to give it a good shot. I don’t want to aim too low nor too high. I decided 4k was likely achievable as long as I stick to my schedule and make good content. You can pop over and subscribe if you would like to help me on my way 🙂 We do day in the life, chatty, challenges, reviews and anything else family related.

My Blog
I am having a real rough time at work at the moment. Since having 6 months off and speaking out about being bullied very badly in work I have been a marked person. I just can’t take the stress and upset that I am being caused, so I want to be able to take my blog to the next level in order to be able to leave work. I would like to do side bits to the blog as well, social media management and freelance but the blog being the main part.

I have about another 15lbs I would love to lose. I used to be skinny until having children and now I just don’t feel happy. Although most will say I am not big my problem area is my tummy. Ive had 2 sections and really need to get my tummy in shape. I am not setting a date but at some point this year I want to have that 15lbs off and have my stomach back in shape.

As a family I want us to get out and about more and explore more new places this year. The kids love being outside hot or cold and so this year I am going to make sure we get out and about. It’s so easy to just have lazy weekends and stay in our pjs all day but that’s no fun. Fun is being outside, getting muddy and wet and having lots of laughs. The kids and I are more adventurous than Doug, but I will be dragging him out as well. These days don’t always have to cost money and be massive days out, even visiting the local woods that are free and walking is something we need to do more.

We have just moved home back in October 2017 and there isn’t much that needs doing to it, however the things that do need doing I want to make sure we get done. So we need to re-decorate our bedroom and Little Mans’s bedroom. We have already finished Bub’s room so that’s one ticked off the list already. We want to buy some new furniture such as a new dining room table and new cabinet to go under our tv. The previous owners also left us in a big mess with the boiler in which a gas safety certificate was signed off and basically it was all lies (their friend did them a favour) long story short we needed a new boiler and its left our utility room in a bit of a mess so we would like to get that sorted out as well.

This is everything I am going to set myself for 2018. I am hoping to come back next year and let you all know how I got on with these goals. I am hoping to smash them all and I will try my very best but only time will tell.

Have you set yourself any 2018 goals?

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  1. Christine Lockley 3rd January 2018 / 22:23

    Sounds like a great list – good luck and look forward to cheering you on

  2. Leslie Rickerby 4th January 2018 / 01:21

    I’m trying to make a go if my blog this year too. I very much don’t want to work for other people when I could be reaping the rewards of my hard work for myself. Good luck lovely x

  3. vibeslifeus 4th January 2018 / 09:00

    Good luck with your goals!! 2018 is your year !!

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