New Pjs for the whole family

We were recently gifted some lovely new PJs from Not sure about you guys but I just love new Pjs, putting them on and getting cosy in these winter months when the nights are dark early its great.

We all choose which ones we wanted and because of the amount of choice for the kids it took a while.

The boys went for PJMasks and Pixel short Pjs and they were both really happy with this, as you can see. Little Man never likes to wear long Pjs not even in the winter months as he gets too hot in bed. When shopping online you never can tell what the quality will be like, however these were perfect really well made and I was super impressed with them.


The adult ones that we choose were Disney and lounge wear  . I was looking through what choices there were and as soon as I saw these Disney ones I knew they were for me. The Disney ones say ‘Life isn’t always black and white’ and I love the Mickey faces on the black bottoms. Doug was really impressed with the quality of his lounge wear too. One the bottom of Doug’s trousers they have the cuff which is great for the winter as it just keeps your legs that bit warmer and I think they look so much nicer.

I would highly recommend looking at and they currently have a Christmas range in which looks great. Delivery was really fast and the pyjamas were all so well prices. There is such a large selection as well for all ages from different characters and to gamers zone and Pokemon.

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  1. Kim Carberry 20th November 2018 / 19:12

    Ohh! We love new pj’s here. I haven’t heard of this site before. I will be keeping them in mind for Christmas. You all look very happy with your new pj’s x

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