My Slimming World journey starts again

Last week saw me sign back up to Slimming World after taking a break whilst pregnant (and then until 8 months after)

I have been really unhappy with my weight for some time now but haven’t really been in the right frame of mind to diet. I say diet, I don’t really class Slimming World as diet as its more new way of life and eating.

I did really well on Slimming world before I was pregnant so I know I can do it, I am really looking forward to being happy with my weight again. I am very realistic and know I will never be a size 8 as that’s just not my build. I will be happy back to a size 10 though. I was a 10 before getting pregnant the first time with Little Man and so most of my clothes are a size 10. To be able to fit back into them would be amazing and I really can’t wait.

I am not ashamed to share my weight and current size so here are my stats…

Joined back up: 28th May 2015

Weight as of then: 12 stone 4 lbs

Dress size 14

Left thigh: 26inch   Right thigh: 25 inch

Waist: 43 inches

This is where I am going to document my weight loss and gains as I am sure there will be some along the way. I have a weight in mind of where I think I need to be to get back to my size 10 clothes and that is 10 stone 4 lbs. If I reach a comfy size 10 before that weight I shall stick though.

I shall post every Friday as my weigh in is Thursday evening and update.

I will also be posting some of the Slimming world foods we eat along the way.

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