Moving home is getting closer!

As a lot of you will be aware by now we are moving home in September. The whole process has been pretty stressful so far and I think I’ve heard somewhere that moving home is one of the most stressful times of your life.

We sold our house back at the start of April and since then we have had the chain fall apart, people pulling out, people offering on different houses and changing the chain and it’s just been really hard work. The average time for moving home from start to finish is 3 months and so far we are 5 months down the line from accepting an offer and still yet to move.

We finally seem to be getting somewhere though which is just great news and we have spoken about possible moving dates, have to admit I was starting to think we wouldn’t get there. It is looking likely to be a move date of 25,26,27th September. I asked for a move date of a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday as I am not in work those days so it is easier for me and it seems to suit everyone else as well.

I think one of the most stressful parts is coming though and that is packing. Packing up your whole life into boxes and packing up a house is going to be hard work and it just seems impossible to fit our whole lives into cardboard boxes. I need to make sure the whole process of packing is as stress free as it can be. When I moved to where we are now it was just me on my own moving from my old house. My Mum and dad and I moved me in a van we rented ourselves. I knew this time that was 100% not going to happen. We have far to much stuff to do it ourselves this time. Whilst I still want to pack the boxes myself I was someone to load them onto a van and unload the other end. It just takes a bit of stress out of the whole process, especially now we have the children as well.

I have looked to get quotes recently as I have no idea how much this service will cost us and I came across Shiply. I was thinking I would have to call around each company and they would all have to come round to quote me. Where as with Shiply you can do it all online (like most things these days)

You just let them know where you are moving from and to and your dates…

Fill in the inventory of what you will need moving 

Then get your quotes


Its so simple, easy and straight forward to get a quote and so much faster than having to call around lots of different companies to come out to your home to quote you. Once you decide on a company you would like to go with you can book them in online and your done. How much easier do you want it?

Anything that makes it easier and the process of moving home easier is a hit with me.

Have you used Shiply before and what did you think?



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