Our moving home disaster story

When we moved into our new house we knew it was important to put our gas boiler on a contract in order to have it checked yearly and to be insured against breakdown. The worst thing is your boiler breaking down on a Saturday afternoon in the winter and no insurance for a call out.

We called one company to insure the boiler and their policy was to come out and check the boiler first to make sure it wasn’t on its last legs. Anyway after coming out they actually advised us they wouldn’t take the boiler on and condemned it. What the heck….. I wanted the boiler insuring and it ended up being condemned.

We were given a list of about 7 reason why it needed to be turned off and I understood all of them and agreed. My Dad had worked for a gas company for 45 years and he said it was all correct after he had come to have a look. What had happened was, before you move home you must have the boiler serviced to make sure it is safe. The previous owners of our new house had got a friend to sign off the boiler as OK when in fact the way it was installed meant the boiler was extremely dangerous. For example the Flu was behind a solid wall and as you can see from below it had to be ripped out in order to inspect the flue. It was impossible to inspect without ripping the wall out and inspecting the flue is something that has to be done to sign off the Gas Safe certificate.

Long story short we had another 3 compares come out and all agreed. We ended up getting gas safe involved who also agreed and said they would deal with the company that passed the boiler when in fact it was totally unsafe for use.

It was an extremely upsetting time as we had only been in the house about 4 weeks at this point. We moved in on 16th October. We had to have a brand new central heating boiler and the central heating system flushed and fully checked, plus the flu had to be completely moved which left our utility room in such a mess. We wont ever to get to find out what happened to the company who signed the boiler off as fully working and fine. We know this was done for the previous owners as a favour because they were friends.

I guess the previous owners just hoped they wouldn’t be found out. Well this time they were and it was such an upsetting time. Make sure you always check and double check everything when moving. Don’t be scared to ask too many questions, take trade friends over to check things out. We ended up with a new boiler system being fitted on the 23rd December 2016 and a 3k bill to pay out.

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  1. Susan B 31st December 2018 / 10:27

    Oh, gosh. I sympathise.

    I experienced the same problem with a ‘friend’ of the previous owner signing off the boiler maintenance certificate without stepping foot in the house and submitting it to my solicitor. The first few weeks after moving in were a nightmare without heating and hot water but, luckily, I eventually found someone reliable in the new town/county to come out. The boiler was repairable and my solicitor got my costs refunded but why would anybody so easily risk the health and safety of others?

    • Blogging Mummy 6th January 2019 / 17:54

      In this day and age you just wouldn’t think people do this because it can be so dangerous. You really can’t mess with a boiler because if something goes wrong people can end up seriously ill or even loosing their life.

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