Mickey roadster racers pit crew toolbox review

Mickey roadster racers pit crew toolbox review- We were really lucky enough to be able to review the Mickey roadster racers garage a couple of months back. My little boy absolutely loved it so we were as excited to review the pit crew toolbox.

When it arrived it looked fantastic and after taking about 10 minutes to get the packaging off my little boy couldn’t wait to play with it. Once he started to play with it and I had a proper look at it didn’t seem very strong and I wasn’t sure how long it would withstand the wrath of a 3 year old. That being said though he has played loads with it over the last couple of weeks and its been absolutely fine.

I wasn’t too sure how long it would keep his attention for, it didn’t look like much but then again I am 30 and don’t have the mind of a 3 year old. He absolutely loved playing with it and he even got his big cars out and started playing with them and pretending to mend them with the tools from the tool box.


  • The tool box
  • Spanner
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • 2 wrenches
  • Play metal plates
  • screws, nuts and nails

NO BATTERIES REQUIRED which is just music to my ears.

If your child watches the Roadster series on TV then you will see this tool box is designed to be exactly like the one Mickey uses. The tool box has its own peg board on the side of it, this was great for the screws as my little lad loved screwing them through. When it came to hammering the nails in though they were too small and just pushed straight in with no force needed from the hammer.

Overall this toy has provided a lot of fun for my little lad and even my 6 year old enjoyed playing with it, I however think it is a pretty average toy. The tool box can be purchased from any good toy stores and is now priced at £14.99

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