Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers Garage #review

I have 2 little Mickey Mouse fans in the house so you can imagine the excitement when we were give the chance to review the Mickey Mouse roadster racers garage.

I didn’t actually tell the kids until it arrived as I just knew they would keep going on and on asking when it was arriving.

Once it arrived I had to get it built up as soon as possible otherwise the kids would have just kept going on and on. So I opened the box and saw the instructions and all the pieces and thought OMG. I have to be honest and I thought it was going to take me about an hour to understand the instruction and possibly another 2 hours to build. I was wrong though, whilst it looks like a lot of pieces an the instructions look very complicated they are actually OK.

I laid all the pieces out and checked with the instructions that we had everything (nothing worse than starting and realise a piece is missing) Once all the pieces had been checked I got under way with the building and in total it took me about 35 minutes. As long as you take your time and follow the instructions it will be fine and you do really need to follow the instructions as there are a lot of separate pieces that need building in a certain order. I am usually one to look at the picture on the box and build but you really can’t do that with this.

Once it was ready the kids couldn’t wait to play with it and I have to say I was really impressed with it. The quality is really good and it is strong and sturdy.

My youngest loves toys like this which has little figures that he can move around and role play with. My older son who is just 6 also loved it and they played really nicely together.

Let me tell you about some of the features…

  • you get 1 Mickey figure and 2 cars
  • The garage closes when you have finished playing with it and open whilst in play (check my pictures)
  • makes sounds and has lights
  • needs 2AAA batteries which are not included
  • 2 mini figures of chip and dale
  • moving car lift inside the garage

This play set really has a lot of different parts to it so it will keep the child interested in playing for a long time. There are so many different parts to explore and play with and I just know this is going to be (already is) a favourite with the boys.

You do have to stick quite a lot of stickers on yourself which isn’t something I am very good at doing, I always end up messing them up. I actually did a pretty good job with these ones though.

The set is currently around £49.99 and I would say it is well worth the money. It will provide lots of play time fun for your children and any Mickey fan will love it.



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