MegaBleu Ghost Hunt and Cobrattack review

With Christmas literally just around the corner many of you will be deciding what to get the little ones for Christmas. I find it so hard to buy for my kids as they get so much, they never want for anything. So come Birthdays and Christmas it is so hard to make a decision on what to buy them.

A few weeks back MegaBleu contacted me and asked if we would like to review 2 of their games. I was really happy to accept and looked through the games they offer. We are a big games family so this was a perfect opportunity for us.

We chose Cobra Attack and Ghost Hunt and I just knew that Litte Man was going to love both especially Ghost hunt.



The game really needs to be played in a dark room however as long as you can see the lights on the wall then you will be Ok. The game has 3 levels easy, medium and hard so choose the difficulty on how good of a ghost hunter you are!

Once the gun and the skull head are synchronised then off you go. Red bats and green ghosts appear all around the room and you have to shoot then with the gun (don’t forget you will need to re load though) This game needs 4AA batteries for the skull head and 3AAA for the gun. Remember to always check the boxes if you are buying as presents, we don’t want disappointed children on Christmas morning when there are no batteries in the house! The game is for ages 5 plus and can be played with just one person or more if you want. I love a game that kids can play by themselves.

You can play with or without the red glasses as well. Without the glasses on the bats and ghosts projected onto the wall will just been seen as on single bat or one single ghost. If you wear the glasses though you will see multiple ghost and multiple bats which look like they are 3D. Little man couldn’t really get on very well with the glasses but I thought they were better.





Cobrattack is another great game and one that I know all kids will love, its really funny and my kids thought it was brilliant. Little Man has played this a few times with his friends however Bubs isn’t old enough yet to understand how to play.


The aim of the game is to get the jewel from the basket without the snake jumping out to get you. Before starting you will need to insert 4 AA batteries and then your good to go. You need to put the snake inside the basket, you then need to get creep closer and closer to the emerald on the basket without the snake sensing you. When the cobra eyes on the front light up green your good to move, when they light up red you have to keep really still. If you move when they are on red the snake will jump out at you before you have chance to steal the emerald, you will have lost your chance and will then need to start again.


Again this game has 3 different levels and can be played in a 4 metre square space. The only one thing I would like to see if that the snake jumps up and a bit further than it currently does. Apart from that though Little Man loved it and thats what counts.

Both of these games can be played with just one player. I love any games that can be played on their own as Little Man is always asking me to play games with him. I actually don’t mind playing games with the kids, however when I just need to get on sometimes I can get either of these games out for him to play with.

I would highly recommend either of these games and think they are really well made. They will definitely have a lot of use in our house now and in a couple of years when Bubs is ready to play with them. If you would like to buy wither of these games you can find them here.

Do you have either of these games and find them fun?

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