Masha and the Bear – Holiday on ice

For those of you who don’t know Masha and the Bear (Who doesn’t though)

Bear is a loveable brown retired circus bear that is looking forward to a long happy retirement in the peace and tranquillity of the woods. Masha is a little girl who finds bear and wants to be friends with him. Its fair to say Masha acts like she’s eaten a ton of sugar as she is so happy and energetic, never wanting to leave Bear alone. Masha and the bear do become friends and have adventures together, Masha usually getting into mischief and Bear trying to correct what has usually gone wrong.

In this brand new series Holiday on Ice Masha is really eager to learn how to skate and wants bear to show her the ropes. It takes some effort for Masha to get bear down to the frozen lake but eventually he gives in as usual. When bear gets down to the frozen lake lady Bear is already there. Can they help teach Masha to skate?

In this special edition some other episodes are…

One, two, three, Light the Christmas tree
Picture Perfect
Tracks of unknown animals
watch out
First day of school
No trespassing
The snow maiden
The wolf and the fox

To win your own copy of Masha and the Bear holiday on ice, all you need to do is enter below.



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  1. laura banks 21st November 2016 / 20:24

    Tracks of unknown animals

  2. Claire Willmer 21st November 2016 / 20:55

    My girls love this series! I think One, two, three, Light the Christmas tree sounds great!

  3. Kim M 21st November 2016 / 21:56

    The Snow Maiden

  4. Emma Fox 22nd November 2016 / 08:03

    One, two, three, Light the Christmas tree sounds very festive. My son’s favourite episode is Laundry Day when Masha keeps getting dirty and Bear makes ad washes her new clothes each time 🙂

  5. iain maciver 22nd November 2016 / 11:11

    First day of school

  6. Tracey Mitchell 22nd November 2016 / 14:33

    First day at school

  7. Angela Treadway 22nd November 2016 / 21:34

    the snow maiden x

  8. Ruth Harwood 23rd November 2016 / 09:05

    The Snow Maiden xx

  9. Jo Carroll 23rd November 2016 / 11:22

    First Day of School – my little boy’s starting a new school in January. x

  10. Jodie A Harvey 23rd November 2016 / 22:30

    One, two, three, Light the Christmas tree

  11. Victoria Shiel 26th November 2016 / 22:53

    The Snow Maiden

  12. Christine Lockley 27th November 2016 / 19:54

    First day at school

  13. Angela McDonald 27th November 2016 / 23:18

    Tracks of unknown animals sounds intriguing!

  14. Solange 27th November 2016 / 23:42

    First day of school

  15. Adeinne Tonner 3rd December 2016 / 21:25

    I personally would have to say the first day of school sounds exciting

  16. Lynsey Buchanan 10th December 2016 / 07:39

    No trespassing

  17. Christine Caple 11th December 2016 / 18:41

    The wolf and the fox

  18. Dominique Clarke 11th December 2016 / 21:08

    First Day at School

    .. Always Eventful!

  19. Anthea Holloway 13th December 2016 / 16:23

    First Day of School

  20. Charlie Brunton 14th December 2016 / 02:06

    The snow maiden sounds good to me!

  21. Victoria Prince 14th December 2016 / 08:41

    One, two, three, Light the Christmas tree 🙂 very festive!

  22. jen s morgan 14th December 2016 / 10:17

    No trespassing sounds good x

  23. Susan B 14th December 2016 / 11:56

    The Wolf and The Fox sounds like a good one to watch.

  24. Lisa Wilkinson 14th December 2016 / 21:05

    My little girl starts school in September so First Day At School would be interesting for us

  25. Paula cheadle 15th December 2016 / 06:37

    The Snow Maiden

  26. Andrea A 15th December 2016 / 16:24

    The snow maiden

  27. Lisa Mauchline 15th December 2016 / 19:04

    One, two, three, Light the Christmas tree sounds great

  28. Laura Findlay 15th December 2016 / 21:04

    The Snow Maiden sounds good x

  29. Deborah Mackenzie 15th December 2016 / 21:34

    Tracks of unknown animals

  30. Lynne OConnor 15th December 2016 / 21:55

    One, two, three, Light the Christmas tree – I was watching this one this afternoon and it’s so funny

  31. Tammy Neal 15th December 2016 / 22:38

    The snow maiden x

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