How to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

Perhaps you’ve recently gotten a promotion and you need to prepare your home for the occasional visit from a team of managers from another regional branch. Maybe the neighborhood has gone upmarket and you want your décor to match the gentrification that’s happened. Whatever the reason, as a homeowner, there comes a time when you want to add some luxuries and the appearance of wealth, even if you’ve only just scored the promotion last week.

Let’s look at how to make your home look more luxurious.

Classic Paintings as Prints on the Wall
One of the best ways to add a touch of class to a living room is to hang some paintings on the wall. This could be ones from local artists or you could seek out some classics like a Turner or a Picasso print to bring original works of art into your home at a fraction of a cost of the real thing. There are over half a million artists with works that can be reproduced to decorate the walls of your home to bring a little bit of the art gallery back home with you.

Impressive Dining Table
Replacing an older table that was bought at a discount store for a mahogany or another dark-colored wooden table lends a certain importance to the space. The chairs also need to match the colour and style of the dining table so that they fit well together. Choosing the right table and chair combination is all about what impression you wish to create with people who visit and how you want to feel when eating at the dining table too. It cannot all be for show or you’ll never use it when people aren’t coming over.

The use of linens to suggest class is still popular today. A white linen cloth placed over a side coffee table both protects the wood finish underneath and shows the care that you’re putting towards the finishing touches. Luxury, if anything, is often all about taking care of the little things. Whether we’re talking a satin tablecloth or a more dramatic material and color choice to suit your personality more, it’s a personal choice that highlights attention to detail and personalization.

It’s very Feng Shui to simplify the appearance of each room, reducing the clutter and creating a greater feeling of harmony in the home. There are books on the art of Feng Shui or you can bring in an expert to help you perfect this Chinese art form.

Along with simplification, you might want to consider the air quality too. Air filtration is an effective method to improve the air quality, which the EPA has said is usually at least two times worse than outdoors because of poor ventilation in many homes.

To make your home look more luxurious and expensive, it’s not necessary to spend a small fortune to achieve the desired result. Pick what is the most effective bang for your buck and maximize what you can do within your budget.

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