Little mans first trip on a Plane

In May 2012 we had a holiday booked to go to Egypt. I was very apprehensive as I had never taken a baby on an aeroplane. Before little man was born I used to get so annoyed if we got on a plane and was sat next to a baby or a child. I was now that person, the person with a baby who no one wants to sit next to. The other half was relaxed about it and said everything would be OK.

I was so scared that little man was going to cry and scream all the way to Egypt on a 6 hour flight. The night before our flight I was rushing about like a mad person making sure I had everything for him. He has a Fireman Sam bag which I packet full of toys to try to keep him occupied on the flight. I had lots of treats for him to.

Finally the time came for us to get up and leave for the airport. As we were on our way I was worried I had forgotten something for little man, I wasn’t bothered about my self. The other half said to me to calm down as we were now on our way to Gatwick and if we had forgotten anything it was now to late to go back. We got to the airport nice and early so we wasn’t rushing about. We had also pre booked our seats so we knew exactly where we were sitting. We checked in and all went smoothly, our bags had now gone and we had all the time in the world to look around duty-free and relax. We had something to eat and drink, fed little man and did some shopping. I said to the other half that I was just going to see if our gate had come up and it had. In that instant moment a feeling of fear ran through my whole body. I have no issues flying at all, but with a baby its a totally different ball game.

We walked to our gate, I had been advised to give little man a bottle while taking off to help with his ears popping. As we walked onto the plane we left the buggy just in the tunnel and stepped on the plane. The air hostesses were lovely. They asked if we needed any help and advised that they would being us a seat belt for little man. We sat down and I was praying someone nice would come and sit next to us, not someone who would moan about being sat next to a baby. Just to let you know, a really nice elderly lady came and sat next to us. She started talking and playing with little man and saying how cute he was. I was so happy we had someone really nice next to us. We had decided that he was going to sit on my knee next to the window. As we sat down I was shocked at how good little man was being, he was looking around taking everything in. We were given the seat belt and put it on, he did not bother at all about this being put on him.

The plane then started moving back and taxied to the runway. As we were sat on the end of the runway waiting to take off I was so nervous for little man, hoping his ears would be OK and hoping that he wouldn’t scream. Still up to this point he was being amazing and looking out of the window. I then heard the Jet engines flare up and I thought here we go. We were going down the runway and all was still fine. The plane took off and we were going up and up until eventually we were at 35,000 feet. Guess what… Little man was absolutely fine, he kept on laughing and seemed really excited. I could not believe it, after all of the worry before hand and  thinking this was going to be a nightmare it was actually amazing. I honestly don’t think it could have gone any better. We did still have 6 hours of flying ahead of us though.

After 6 hours of little man playing, eating treats and going for a little walk we landed. There had been no issues at all. When we were coming down he did not cry once with his ears. The lady next to us and a few people around us said to my partner and I how amazingly well-behaved he had been. I was so proud of little man and how well-behaved he had been.

I have to say the lady next to us was the best EVER!!! She played with little man, got our bags down for us when we needed something out and kept asking if there was anything we needed. Little man even sat playing on her knee for a while. All my worries were for nothing. It had been a great experience for all of us.
Leave a comment to let me know how you got on with your first flight with baby. Would be really interested to hear if everyone else had good or bad experiences.

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