Let it snow #beastfromtheeast

With the kids being 6 and 3 they have only seen snow very few times in their young lives. Well this week certainly bought us an amazing amount of snow and we all loved it.

The school was closed and it was total chaos on the roads. Everything came to a stand still apart from the sledges. We enjoyed 3 days out in the snow and it was such a good few days, the kids loved it, I loved it but unfortunately Doug had to work. He was working from home but couldn’t come out and enjoy the snow with us which is a shame.

We wrapped up lovely and warm and got to us all the new thermals I had bought in the sales for our trip coming up to Lapland. (December 2018) I had bought loads of gloves and hats and thermals for lapland and the kids kept saying…. why do we need all this… I replied advising we had some bad weather coming which at the time I had no idea about #beastfromtheeast but as they don’t know we are going to Lapland I had to make something up. Luckily #beastfromtheeast saved my back side and the kids now think the thermals were all for this weather!

Here are some pictures from our snowy days, you can also see our Youtube video HERE of the snow fun we had.

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