Let your little one be an Olympic winner with The Tommee Tippee Ultra Games

So with team GB doing well at the moment currently 10th on the leaderboard (8th August) why not get your little one in the Olympics spirit with the Tommee Tippee Ultra games. There is most definitely a category for everyone and I am sure your little one would love to be crowned winner.

Over the next 2 weeks (8th-21st August) the Ultra games will be taking place and the categories are.

  • Crawling
  • peeing
  • dribbling
  • pooping
  • rolling
  • smiling
  • napping
  • laughing

The events are going to be held on the Tommee Tippee Facebook page. You will be able to enter your little Olympic athlete into as few or as many of the games as you like. To enter you will need to leave a comment on each status over on the Facebook page. If your little one is crowned winner, you will receive a Tommee Tippee Ultra medal and sweat band. My eldest is modelling both here in the picture. Bubs unfortunately will not co-operate at all hence there is no picture of him wearing it.


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