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Before Little Man started school this year I had no idea about Phonics and learning how to spell and read using phonics.

As the time has gone on I have realised just how amazing learning phonics is. My Little Man is now able to spell out simple words such as BAT, RAT, CAT, DOG, FOX etc. This is all thanks to him learning phonics at school. When we had the chance to review Lets Learn Phonics from Learning Resources I was so excited for Little Man. I know just how wonderful the Hot Dots range from Learning Resources is and so I couldn’t wait to try it out with him.

What is Hot Dots?

For those of you who don’t know what Hot Dots is, then I shall explain. Hot Dots is a book or cards and they have pictures on the card (depending on what set you have) the child then has a special pen which they put on the correct or what they think is the correct answer. The pen then lights up green for right answer or red for wrong answer. We have the mouse pen and his ears light up red or green, he also talks and says well done,have another shot, No not that one, great, that’s right etc. Each page is thick and shiny which will last and stand the test of time I am sure. I did find a few of the pictures were a little tricky for Little Man to understand what they were, however the majority are fine and he knew exactly what the picture was.

SO as I have already mentioned we had the Phonics set which consists of 3 book level 1,2 and 3 and the mouse pen.

Book 1…Letter Sounds, Identify the beginning, medial and last sounds and letters

Book 2… First Words, read simple words using the main letter sounds taught in Phonics

Book 3… Vowels, practise vowel sounds and their alternative spellings


Hot Dots Phonics can be used by the child on their own and they can see if they are wrong or right with the light up pen. I actually sit with Little Man and help him sound the words out as he has only just started learning. I was amazed at how good he actually was.

You can buy extra books to add to the collection. Lets Learn Phonics comes with 192 activities and they are a lot of fun. I can see this is going to be used such a lot in our house and I know this will help Little Man so much. We are so grateful for the chance to review such a fantastic product, I would 100% recommend this set to anyone learning phonics or needing that extra bit of help. Once Little Man has finished with this it will be stored in a safe place ready for Bubs when he is old enough to use it.

Take a look at our short video of how it works, see for yourself how fantastic this product is.

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