Learning Resources: Alphabet Island Review

All kids love games, and all parents love games that teach their children whilst they are having fun. Learning Resources Alphabet Island is the best of both. This fast pace, fun and competitive game will teach your children about letters whilst they are having a lot of fun.

Whats in the box…

  • Board
  • Shark
  • Letter cards (Upper case)
  • Letter playing discs (lower case)


Aim of the game…
To be the person at the end with the most letter discs

Playing the game…
Each person takes it in turn to flip over the top card of the deck, each player then has to race to find that letter from the discs on the board. With the cards being upper case and the discs being lower case this can make thing a tiny bit more tricky. If you take a disc that is covering a red crab then you have to take a disc from another player. If you take a disc that is covering a yellow starfish, you then have to give another player one of your discs. If you happen to be unlucky enough to turn over a shark card then you have to pop one of your discs in the sharks mouth.

One the flip side of the discs there are pictures to make it slightly harder for older children. So if you turn over a card with the letter M on it, you then need to look for a picture with something starting with the letter M.

The game is pretty simple to play and very easy and quick to set up. Little Man found it a lot of fun and so did I. We did take a video of us playing which you can watch here.

So you have read the review and watched the video, you think its fun? Head on over the Learning resources website and order your own copy to play at home.

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  1. Vicki Hockley 13th April 2016 / 10:02

    Oh this would be brilliant for James! He’s going into reception in September

  2. Lindsay At Newcastle Family Life 13th April 2016 / 10:26

    That looks like a great fun and educational game. I am looking forward to my little two being old enough to play games like this xx

  3. Sarah Cantwell 13th April 2016 / 12:55

    What a fab game. I would have loved something like this when I was little xx

  4. joannavictoria 13th April 2016 / 15:39

    This sounds and looks like such a fab game. I like that its educational too.

  5. My Little Babog Blog 13th April 2016 / 18:39

    Looks like a great game. Will have to show the little one the video see what she thinks 🙂

  6. Life as Mum 13th April 2016 / 22:07

    Sounds like a brilliant game for kids. I know my eldest would love this

  7. Oana 15th April 2016 / 17:42

    Great game to introduce letters to small children and give the confidence in recognising them!

  8. A mum track mind 15th April 2016 / 21:05

    We love games – we have a weekly game night where we drag out Monopoly and such like x

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