Kinetic Sand Sandcastle Set

I had heard so much about Kinetic sand, however had never felt any up until we were sent this set to review.

The sandcastle set consists of a blue tray, 3 moulds,a spoon/fork and 454g of green kinetic sand.


As soon as I opened this up both kids we falling out about who was going to have a go first with it. We eventually got them to sit and share and play nicely together. The 3 moulds are a sandcastles, crab and a starfish. When you put the sand inside the mould it is so easy to get it and the detail it leaves behind on the sand is amazing.



There are many sets you can purchase and you can also buy extra sand on its own, which I have done as the kids loved this so much. This is the kids favourite thing to currently play with. Its always the first thing they both want to go to and get out.


Ill let you into a little secret. After the kids had gone to bed I actually sat and just played with the sand, its feels so nice and is pretty addictive like Play Doh.


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  1. Kelly cooper 30th November 2016 / 13:00

    Looks like lots of fun with

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