Jakes Shoes and back to School

It is that time when we need to start getting the kids stuff ready for back to school. I always leave everything till the last minute and then end up rushing around. Each year I tell myself I wont do it that way again and each year I end up rushing around in the last week.

This year I was lucky enough to be asked by Jakes shoes to review a pair of school shoes for Little Man. Since he has been at school I have always bought expensive shoes from proper shoe shops. I just feel paying the extra money really is better and the shoes last longer and they are really comfy for wearing all day.

Little Man had the choice of shoes and he chose a pair of Timberland, which in fact he has had in the past very similar. I usually end up buying 2 pairs of shoes through the full school year and at £45 for these ones I don’t think £90 for 2 pairs through the year is bad at all.

The lovely shoes are velcro which is a must for me, Little Man isn’t great at doing up his laces and velcro isn’t going to keep coming open. He can slip them on and off easy enough and I can rest assured that he will not be struggling with the laces during the day.

Inside the shoes part of it is leather and it made of material to make sure the feet don’t sweat at all. They are so comfy inside which is something that is very important when he is wearing them all day everyday. They also have a rubber part around the front to stop the shoes being scuffed so easily which I am pretty sure you are well aware happens with children and black polished shoes!

If you are looking for the perfect school shoes for your little boy or girl then have a look at Jakes shoes. They have so much choice and there are so many lovely styles to choose from.

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