iHealth Wave Activity and Swim Tracker

The waterproof iHealth Wave Activity and Swim Tracker looks great, its the I Health Wave. I have kindly been sent the iHealth wave tracker to try out and review for you guys.

Lets start with what it does… The iHealth Wave recognises swim strokes and tracks % of each stroke done (how cool is that) it tracks steps, distance and calories, tracks sleep patters and has a time and vibrating alarm function. Not only does it look really cool, it is cool.

The modern tracker comes with on strap which fits all and another spare, I was particularly impressed that it comes with a spare strap usually for other fitness trackers if the strap breaks then you have to either buy a new strap or a new tracker. The strap is really soft and very comfy to wear, made of a type of rubber like material. To swap the straps you simply pop out the face part and pop it into the new strap really quick and really easy to do.

When you first receive the tracker you can sync it with your phone and it is really simple and easy to do, there are step by step instructions in the booklet telling you how to do this. Once the tracker and your phone are in sync you can view your stats from your phone. You can also view your stats from the touch screen display on your watch, changing the screen stats with a small flick of the wrist. During the day time the tracker will keep track of your steps made, calories burned and distance travelled, by night it will keep track of your sleep and nap times. It will let you know the time in which you were in a good deep sleep and also when you are in a lighter sleep. I was a little bit disappoint to learn there is no heart rate monitor on this tracker however that isn’t a biggie, would just have been a nice extra.

As you can see the instructions are so easy to follow to get the wave set up.

The charger is a simply round magnetic disc that you placer the tracker on, you can either plug the USB into your laptop or you can plug it into the mains using a plug. A full charge lasts up to about a week but will decrease when the swim tracker is turned on.

The Wave can go to a depth of 30 metres which is a really great distance. As far as I know there isn’t currently anything out there like this. I know personally of no other device which you can use to track swimming and the strokes you make. You will need to make sure you change the Wave into swim mode before you get in the pool though. It would be great if it did just recognise that you were making the swimming strokes but again this isn’t a biggie. The 3 strokes that the wave will recognise are… breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle it will then measure the amount of strokes, % you are doing each stroke for and calories burned.

All in all I really like this tracker and will definitely carry on using it. It is comfy and easy to wear and it looks very modern. I love checking the app in the morning to find out about my sleep, I am an awful sleeper so it is great to see what my sleep pattern is actually like.

I would definitely recommend this product and I am grateful I had the chance to review it for you guys.

Do you have an activity tracker or do you own one of these, what do you think of them, let me know below.

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